Woman Gets Modelling Gig Weeks Before Wedding, Pictures Comes Out Post-Wedding, Upset Bride


No one wants to overshadow the happy couple, especially the bride, on their wedding day. The focus is rightfully on the joy and commitment they share. However, even well-meaning actions can unintentionally steal the spotlight, creating hurt feelings and overshadowing the day’s significance.

This Reddit user became a topic of discussion after posting photos from a bridal gown photoshoot that coincided with her brother’s wedding. The upset bride felt overshadowed by the sudden appearance of these pictures.

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The wedding day is arguably one of the most important days for a couple

Image credits: Jonathan Borba (not the actual photo)

The poster had a photoshoot weeks prior to her brother’s wedding but when the pictures came out, the bride accused her of being jealous

Image credits: Will Roberts (not the actual photo)

Image credits: Nika Zhorzholiani (not the actual photo)

The bride got her friends involved, who went on a tirade, commenting foul things on the poster’s Instagram


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When the author asked her brother to step in, he refused

The Original Poster (OP) found herself embroiled in a family feud after a bridal gown photoshoot for a regional boutique. The author works as a hotel receptionist and models part-time. The photoshoot, which took place three weeks before her brother’s wedding, has caused friction between the bride and her sister.

The controversy arose when an advertisement featuring the model in a bridal gown appeared on a large LED screen in a local shopping center. The bride, upon seeing the ad, contacted the model, questioning the timing of the photoshoot and the placement of the ad. The model explained she had received the job offer well before the wedding and had no control over the advertisement’s placement.

Tensions escalated when the bride’s sister became involved, accusing the model of jealousy and stealing her sister’s thunder. Social media has further fueled the conflict, with friends of the bride expressing support online and criticizing the model on her social media platforms. While all this is happening, the author’s brother, the newlywed husband, insists he wants to stay out of the dispute even after the OP asked him to get involved.

Image credits: Alex Green (not the actual photo)

The situation detailed on here is a textbook example of how easily, and unintentionally, stealing the spotlight can create a whirlwind of negativity. Vancouver-based event planner Alicia Keats in a Vogue article reminds guests that their own emotions must not override the occasion, no matter how much champagne flows.

“Remember that this wedding is one of the most important days in these two people’s lives, which you have come to celebrate and share,” she says. “They want you there, but they don’t want you bringing your issues to their day, which may unintentionally make their way to the surface with too much alcohol. Keep your drinking, sob stories, personal woes, and need for attention from other guests at bay.”

However, here’s the thing, the author secured the modeling gig weeks before the wedding. This wasn’t a last-minute decision or a deliberate attempt to overshadow the bride. It was a professional opportunity planned well in advance.

Furthermore, the author had no control over the ad’s release date.  Modeling agencies often have set advertising schedules that can’t be easily altered, especially at the last minute.  Blaming the author for something outside their control is simply unfair. Sharing photos from a completed project is standard practice for models. It’s how they build their portfolio and connect with potential clients.  Denying the author this basic career move due to a family event is unreasonable. Additionally, the author emphasizes their good relationship with her sister in law before the wedding. 

Accusations of jealousy seem unfounded based on their past interactions. While the timing of the ad and photo posting might be unfortunate, it was completely unintentional. The author simply didn’t anticipate the negative reaction and expresses a willingness to have a conversation. Perhaps a heads-up about future projects could have prevented this misunderstanding.

People in the comments pointed out that the sister-in-law might be the jealous one: “She doesn’t want anyone else stealing her thunder, which is odd considering she has already had her wedding. NTA,” One of the commenters wrote. But what’s your own opinion over this situation? Share your thoughts in the comments below. We want to hear from you!

Commenters are of the opinion that the poster is not in the jerk in this scenario

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