Woman Furious That Friend Received Scratchcard As A Tip But Returned It, Despite It Winning $50k


They say true friends let you know when you make mistakes.

Well, Reddit user Allieschell thought her bestie made such a big one that she told the whole internet about it, too.

Last week, she made a post on the subreddit ‘Server Life,’ about the evening the woman received a $20 instant lottery card as a tip from one of the clients.

She scratched before the customer left, and to her surprise, it won $50,000.

But Allieschell believes that what her friend did next was a crime against herself.

This woman was flabbergasted when her best friend won $50,000 from a $20 scratcher she received as a tip

Image credits: Emiliano Vittoriosi (not the actual photo)

But what the barwoman did next surprised her even more

Image credits: Wavebreakmedia (not the actual photo)

It’s easy to understand why Allieschell is so frustrated

Image source: QUI NGUYEN (not the actual photo)

Working as a bartender can be exciting for those who like to interact with lots of different people. But the job is demanding.

“Whether you’re jacked up on adrenaline or not, the stress of the rush is there. When customers are yelling at you, a fight breaks out, and your managers are observing your every movement, you’re naturally going to feel some form of stress,” Tom Drake, who for the past 5 years has traveled around Europe, Asia, and Australia working as a professional bartender and bar manager, explained.

“Secondly, being a bartender will put a strain on intimate relationships with people who don’t work in the industry. You’re going to have to work nights, weekends, and holidays. And if your partner works a 9-5, it means you’re hardly ever going to see each other,” Drake added.

Constantly being around drinkers can have a negative influence on you in a lot of different ways. So you need to make the most of it.

A bartender’s salary depends on their experience, location of work, and business size. However, according to a study by BinWise, they make an average of $26,094 a year without and $65,094 with tips.

In other words, like many in the hospitality industry, people behind the bar depend on their customers’ gratuity to make a living.

So you can understand why Allieschell wanted her friend to keep the lottery ticket. After all, what’s it worth if you give it back in case of a winning? Exactly, no more than toilet paper. Maybe even less, considering you probably couldn’t even use it to wipe your butt.

As her story went viral, the original poster (OP) updated her post

Image source: allieschell

And remained active in its comments section

And people continued to react to it

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