Woman Catches Man Cheating On Fiancée, Goes Viral Exposing Him On Social Media

If you’re going to tie the knot and (hopefully) spend the rest of your life with your fiancé, that means that you trust him enough to go to Las Vegas with his friends for his bachelor party. Or not.

A woman went viral on TikTok for exposing a man who wasn’t as interested in monogamy as he appeared.

The fitness and lifestyle creator, Tiana Wiltshire, recounted how she was vacationing in Vegas with her friends when she saw a group of men celebrating a bachelor party at the pool.

A woman then revealed to Tiana that she’d seen the groom with another woman the day before.

Image credits: tianawiltshire

Knowing this information, Tiana approached the groom to trick him into giving her his Instagram. This way, she could learn more about him and unmask his behavior.

The things she heard during the conversation further confirmed her suspicions.

“So, I went over, and I just went like, ‘Hi, like, where are you from?’ Whatever, and he was super flirty,” Tiana described in the video, which has gathered over 24 million views.

“And I said, ‘Oh, are you the one getting married?’ and he said, ‘Umm, supposedly’ – something like that.”

Tiana said she wouldn’t reveal the man’s name or pictures because she feared a lawsuit. Instead, she gave the unsuspecting bride-to-be a reference: the friends were wearing pink hats, while the groom was sporting a black one.

She also said the groom’s name rhymes with “cat saddams.”

Image credits: tianawiltshire

In a video update captioned “She definitely knows now,” Tiana gave her curious followers more details about the situation.

She said another woman who had hung out with the guys sent her a video asking whether they were referring to the same group of men. 

Furthermore, the TikToker added that this woman sent Tiana’s viral video to the groom, which resulted in her getting blocked by the groom’s friends.

“That’s definitely confirmation,” the unnamed woman said.

Tiana then informed her viewers that her videos had reached the bride, and she was aware of the situation.

“She definitely knows. I wanna say thank you to everyone who helped me get it out there,” she said.

Image credits: tianawiltshire

People were left divided by Tiana’s videos. While some applauded her initiative to help the bride, others were not a fan of her detective work.

“As a Vegas local, THERE IS NO SUCH THING as a loyal bachelor party. They all lookin to cheat on their girls,” someone warned.

“What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. You’re a horrible person,” another person said.

A separate social media user, who wasn’t too surprised by the situation, wrote, “If ur husband goes to Vegas for his bachelor party call it right then and there lolll.”

“I was with Matt in Vegas…we were volunteering at a local shelter and then read Bible verses at MGMs chapel,” someone joked.

Image credits: tianawiltshire

Listen to the story below

@tianawiltshire*SATURDAY MARCH 9!!!!* not sunday sorry im hungover. PLEASE DO NOT MARRY HIM. A girl told us this and we went over to get his insta so we could tell you. The fact he immediately gave us his info also goes to show loyalty…. HELP ME FIND THIS GIRL 😭♬ original sound – Tiana Wiltshire

Others referred to Tiana as “such a girl’s girl.”

“This is the type of girl we all need to be friends with,” someone said, while another woman commented, “You did the right thing!”

“As someone who has been cheated on before, I appreciate you soooo much for doing this!!!! so many ppl stood by and didn’t say anything when they knew i was being cheated on,” a separate TikTok user shared.

Responding to a hater who called her a “kid” for exposing the groom, Tiana wrote, “I’d want to know if I was the bride to be. This BS would not fly with me, and he’d be thrown to the streets where he belongs, thanks.”

Tiana said she doesn’t know whether the bride and groom remain an item, but we have a feeling she has called off the wedding catering.


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