Woman Announces To Fiancé That They’re On A Break Right Before Leaving For A 6-Week Trip

There are sometimes complicated moments in a relationship when things get overwhelming, and we might consider hitting the pause button. For some couples, taking time apart can be beneficial, encouraging them to reflect on their relationship and further develop it.

However, redditor Realistic-Gas7711 wasn’t even aware that he and his fiancée needed a break. To his surprise, she announced it after he dropped her off at the airport, just moments before she left for her 6-week trip to Europe. Confused and hurt, he canceled their wedding and refused to take her back.

Sometimes, when things get overwhelming, we might consider hitting the pause button in a relationship

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However, this fiancé wasn’t aware that his relationship needed it in the first place

Image credits: Realistic-Gas7711

Taking some time off from your partner means intentionally creating space for reflection and clarity

Admittedly, taking a break in a relationship is a much bigger deal than taking a coffee break. But what does that actually mean? Does this signal the end of a relationship? Are you free to date other people? Are you now single? Or are you still committed to your significant other?

Technically, taking some time off from your partner means intentionally creating space for reflection and clarity. Relationship therapist Jaime Bronstein told Brides.com that the terms of the agreement vary depending on each person. They are the ones who decide if they will communicate from time to time or cut off all contact during it.

Additionally, both people need to respect each other’s needs and establish acceptable ground rules throughout this time. This includes discussing questions like whether it’s okay to date other people and if it means that you’re single.

Relationship expert Kathryn Ford explains that these ground rules are there to protect the relationship as well as both partners. “It will be important during the break, as during the relationship, to find ways to take care of yourself, while also behaving well toward the other person.” Whatever decision they come to, it’s crucial that both people are on the same page so there aren’t any surprises.

Taking a break doesn’t necessarily mean that the couple has broken up. The former is a temporary pause in a relationship, while the latter tends to be permanent. By spending a short amount of time apart, the goal is to return to the partnership as a stronger pairing. Bronstein shares, “Sometimes, a break can strengthen a couple, and when they come back together, they are more grateful for each other. It can work if both people are willing to make the relationship work.”

Some couples may decide to hit the pause button because of frequent disagreements

There is a multitude of reasons why some partnerships need space. One of them is when a person requires time away to better understand their own needs. There may be times when we want to be more in touch with ourselves. Especially when considering changes in a relationship or even ending it. Having time alone gives you space to gain some perspective and think about what you individually want as well as together as a unit.

Some couples decide to hit the pause button because of frequent disagreements. Perhaps the two of them still care for each other very much, but they can’t reach a resolution. Taking a step back to evaluate the situation with a calmer mind may help to find a better way to approach such problems.

Another reason for taking a break may be due to external causes that require being physically separated, like relocating for work. While the couple might be open to maintaining a long-term relationship, it doesn’t always work, so they may choose to spend some time away. Ford, however, emphasizes, “Discuss this openly and be clear about expectations, especially as regards other romantic/sexual connections.”

All in all, taking a break from a relationship can work. We have to remind ourselves that every individual is different, and for some couples, it may be normal for the relationship to be on and off. And assuming that no serious emotional damage was done, the couple can rest assured that their partnership will resume smoothly—that is if they put in the necessary work while they were apart.

Commenters couldn’t believe the fiancée’s audacity


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