“What’s Something Men Do That Comes Across As Creepy?” (59 Answers)


We don’t always know exactly how we come off to others. You might consider yourself to be super friendly, while a stranger on the bus might say you look intimidating while listening to music and wearing sunglasses. At the same time, behavior that you might consider perfectly normal may actually be making those around you extremely uncomfortable.

One curious Reddit user recently asked others to share some common things men do that come off as creepy, and women and men had plenty to say in the replies. Below, you’ll find some of the most popular responses, so enjoy reading through and be sure to upvote the behaviors you wish men would stop exhibiting as well.

“What’s Something Men Do That Comes Across As Creepy?” (59 Answers) Hey where do you work? Oh which one? Yeah there’s like six of them…..which one do you work at? No I won’t show up at your work lol hahaha hey….. hey…. hey…. did you block me? What did I do wrong?

randomcanadian81 , Mike Jones Report

“What’s Something Men Do That Comes Across As Creepy?” (59 Answers) Not backing off when a woman indicates in any way whatsoever verbally or physically she isn’t interested, yet they continue or think they can continue to harass you or change your mind

MasterMassClass , Satumbo 9 Report

“What’s Something Men Do That Comes Across As Creepy?” (59 Answers) Dude is no one gonna say unsolicited d**k pics? Like y’all be airdropping them. I had a guy tell me that women appreciate it cause they wanna know what they’re working with. Nobody gonna work that s**t if that’s your opening.

FeralRodeo Report

“What’s Something Men Do That Comes Across As Creepy?” (59 Answers) Me: “I’m married.” *Shows ring*

Random guy: “I don’t believe you. They all say that.”

Then it just gets creepy because no matter what you say they just don’t believe anything and keep pressing you to leave with them. That hyper aggressiveness is creepy.

Adorable_Cuckquean , Gary Barnes Report

“What’s Something Men Do That Comes Across As Creepy?” (59 Answers) I’m a guy but a semi-frequent bar patron. Whenever guys ask bartenders what time they get off that they’ve had little to no interaction with is incredibly creepy. Gives off “I’ll be waiting for you in the parking lot” vibes.

Ron_Textall , bus seats Report

“What’s Something Men Do That Comes Across As Creepy?” (59 Answers) Men looking at women and licking their lips. JFC.. creepy,sleazy creeps.
Edit to add. There’s a difference between just licking your lips and the sleazy creepy way some men do it.

Motor-Ad5284 , cottonbro studio Report

“What’s Something Men Do That Comes Across As Creepy?” (59 Answers) Speaking as a 5’2″ (1.57) woman, guys you barely know or even total strangers lifting you up off the ground to hug you

sojuplums , Ketut Subiyanto Report

“What’s Something Men Do That Comes Across As Creepy?” (59 Answers) When I was 19 I was a phone girl at a local pizza place. I would answer the phone and take people’s orders for carry out or delivery. One time this guy called and said he was placing an order for delivery. By the end of the order he changed his mind and said he wanted to order carry out.

The dude shows up and my coworker helps him and he says “you’re not the girl I talked to on the phone. I want to talk to that girl.” I realize he’s talking about me and I ask what’s wrong. He then tells me he thinks I have a really soothing voice and should do ASMR. I was like ok that’s weird but relatively harmless?

The guy gets his food then leaves. We can see him sitting in his car for like 15 minutes. Then he came back in the store with a map and started asking me a bunch of weird questions for directions to somewhere. I said “why can’t you just use google maps? I see you have an iPhone” and point to his phone. Then as I point I see him try to hide the screen. He had the audio recorder pulled up! This weirdo came back in the store with a thinly veiled excuse of asking for directions because he was trying to record my voice!!! It was so creepy. I told him “wait one second” and went to the back and told some coworkers what was going on. A friend of mine who worked in the kitchen, a 6’2 muscle head walked out and was like “IM GREAT WITH DIRECTIONS. MY GIRLFRIEND IS TERRIBLE AT THEM (while gesturing to me). LET ME HELP YOU!” Suddenly the guy didn’t need directions anymore.

So yeah. I’m going to say whatever that was, that was creepy.

Kusakaru , Tima Miroshnichenko Report

“What’s Something Men Do That Comes Across As Creepy?” (59 Answers) Asking if I live alone. Just find this question so creepy intrusive like can’t imagine they asked another male this question.

Josie287 , Nataliya Vaitkevich Report

“What’s Something Men Do That Comes Across As Creepy?” (59 Answers) Let’s see, recently a dude asked me for directions. It was already late? I told him, I don’t know then walked away. He almost followed me home, I had to stop at a store. He was quiet too, I went to grab water. The minute I turned around he was behind me.

purplekween__ , Robert Nagy Report

“What’s Something Men Do That Comes Across As Creepy?” (59 Answers) Lingering/being flirtatious when a woman is at her job. Shes smiling because she has to, she’s talking to you because she has to. Yea, maybe she’s into you, but the fact there’s no way to really know since she’s basically forced to interact with you, it comes off creepy.

Gecko-911 , cottonbro studio Report

“What’s Something Men Do That Comes Across As Creepy?” (59 Answers) Flirting with/hitting on women who are at work, commenting on our breasts/a*s, making any type of comment referring to a sexual act to a woman you are not imitate with, and not taking no for an answer

Callmebynotmyname , cottonbro studio Report

“What’s Something Men Do That Comes Across As Creepy?” (59 Answers) Personally I find it creepy when men insist that only unattractive men can be creepy. Not only do they assume that women only pay attention to hot guys and immediately write off the rest, but also that there’s nothing wrong with their own behaviour that being better looking wouldn’t fix.

mronion82 , William Fortunato Report

“What’s Something Men Do That Comes Across As Creepy?” (59 Answers) “For the last few years, I’ve been in the habit of walking up behind women in the office, massaging their shoulders, and whispering in their ears, ‘Daddy’s home.’ Inappropriate?”

-Conan O’Brien

Random-Cpl , cottonbro studio Report

“What’s Something Men Do That Comes Across As Creepy?” (59 Answers) Talk to me (a male) about how much they disrespect women like i’m “in on it”

especially if i’ve never met the guy

Maddkipz , Jed Villejo Report

“What’s Something Men Do That Comes Across As Creepy?” (59 Answers) I (31, F) was walking up the stairs at a train station carrying a large suitcase the other day. A guy wanted to help and just took my suitcase from me without asking. I had to tell him 3 times I was ok and didn’t need his help. The suitcase wasn’t particularly heavy, just big. Don’t just grab other people’s stuff without asking! I know he just wanted to help but still!

Lenaturnsgreen , David Lago Rodríguez Report

As my wife doesn’t WFH, she has to be out in the world a lot more. I’ll paraphrase what she said recently:

“What the hell’s with male Uber drivers and the ‘You goin’ to your boyfriend’s house???’ It’s such an obvious way to open up whether I might be DTF.”

Same goes with when she opens the door for DoorDash. She says there’s always fishy types of small talk that weird her out, usually around her schedule and whether they’ve seen her at [insert shop here]. She doesn’t like when some strange dude wants to time/place her. Questions like, “Hey, how’s your day?” are all well and good. Friendly. But the personal stuff’s gotta go.

As such, I’ve stopped shushing the dog when she barks at Dashers. I want them to know there’s a dog that only needs the word go right behind this pretty little lady who tipped you well, sir.

ThaiLassInTheSouth Report

“What’s Something Men Do That Comes Across As Creepy?” (59 Answers) Stand in the doorway while they hold the door open.

No I will not brush my a*s against you just because you’re holding the door open. Gtfo my way

Idkwtfluff , Ron Lach Report

“What’s Something Men Do That Comes Across As Creepy?” (59 Answers) Mumble something quietly under their breath while you walk by, like, “Wow you’re so beautiful.” Jesus, if you’re going to compliment a stranger could you at least not try to come across as a serial killer?

xain_the_idiot , Airam Dato-on Report

“What’s Something Men Do That Comes Across As Creepy?” (59 Answers) Staring too long. Glance is fine but staring too long just comes off as sus.

Cf79 , Ba Tik Report

Tell you their life story. I had one guy in a liquor store recently that decided to tell me what each of his tattoos meant. When he got to his kids he told me their life stories. I finally saw my excuse to get away and he grabbed my hand and kissed it.

I saw him recently and I said hello but just walked in. I heard him calling me a b***h. I try so hard to be nice, but kissing my hand I can’t take.

kittengoesrawr Report

“What’s Something Men Do That Comes Across As Creepy?” (59 Answers) So casually steamroll your objections to their attentions. They’ll drive you home, it’s right around the corner. Nah, don’t waste money on the app, he’s going that way anyway! Don’t worry, he’s not *that* kind of guy, he’s married!

Etc etc etc, until you hide in the restroom and call a friend or relative to pick you up instead.

OutrageousOnions , RDNE Stock project Report

As a guy, here’s a few I noticed about other guys:

– Men hitting on much younger women
– men who bother women at the gym
– guys who try to give women unwanted massages (mostly shoulder rubs while they are sitting)

JimmyFlipside Report

Guys at coffee shops that follow and make conversation with every woman that comes in the shop.

Imtifflish24 Report

Being hit on in the gym, this has happened to me so multiple times and even though I understand some people are just trying to ‘shoot their shot’, the gym should be a safe space. I come there to workout, sweat it out and go home, not to find the love of my life. I don’t want to be hit on and then have the awkwardness of turning someone down to then feel like they’re constantly watching me in between my sets and I can’t avoid them especially as my gym is not the biggest. So it’s a big no to this from me.

Dayanyx Report

I have a coworker. I had never met him (officially) before we started working at the same place 2 years ago. He gave me a weird Vibe from the get-go, but I just avoided him as much as I could, which was easy cause we dont have the same job at our facility.

After a while he starts talking about 2 brothers that I do know, and how he was friends with 1 of them – pkay fine, a little creepy you *know* I knew them too. Then he asks when I moved from X adress where I lived with my ex?
– I shut that Down, and Straight out said that was a creepy comment that made me uncormftable.

I now avoid him even more at work, but a few months pass and he starts asking how Long I lived at Y adress, and that it was then I was hanging out with ‘specific group of people’. I told him how tf he knew about 2 past adresses and whom my friends were, Since I NEVER met him before?!

Oh, he and that 1 brother sometimes talk about me. I have not spoken to either of those 2 brothers for 5 years.

That s**t is creepy as hell

Bambi_MD Report

Being aggressive physically or getting aroused or staring too long at family members or underaged youth. All things have witnessed and don’t know how to respond to these creeps.

ZealousidealDriver63 Report

I am a guy and I deliver food but I have a girls name.

Guys are always waiting outside even though it’s a contactless delivery and says to leave at door and sometimes they call me before I get there and try to hit on me but you’re very disappointed and confused when it’s a guy

One guy harassed me one time and I Kept $70 of his food And ate it myself

HoodRat4Life69 Report

“I don’t see why you’re being so careful. I already would have killed you if I had intended to.

a buddy of a friend who I was meeting said to me because it was his first time visiting a foreign nation.

UnluckyCamebb Report

Dude here, I’ve always hated how men who you’re unfamiliar with/have 0 connection to outside of being an acquaintance like a coworker just feel comfortable *touching* you. It takes alot to get under my skin, but when my coworker comes and does that weird, shoulder grip massage thing. Another saw me sitting, absent mindedly swinging my free arm and snuck up behind me and ran his finger down my palm, thought he was being funny. Like, who the f**k does that…

Smufin_Awesome Report

Slide into chick’s DMs?

I barely use social media, but I’ve often wondered how somebody messaging you on Insta, or Facebook, and throwing out a pickup line actually works.

My personal values go so deeply against the app dating culture, and it boggles my f*****g mind that it’s even possible to slide into some girl’s DMs and say ANYTHING that could potentially have them want to go out with you.

F**k dating apps, I guess. Even if it’s slower and old fashioned, I’d rather see with my own eyes what I’m trying to sign up for, and respectfully make a play on.

AVBforPrez Report

Heres a list of creepy s**t men have done in the last year to me:

Following me around the neighborhood. This has happened several times. Sometimes they will stop and talk to me which leads to the next two points.

Cornering me at my car to “talk” and not letting me leave

Demanding sex from me

Inappropriate comments in general

Staring for too long

Touching in any capacity l unless we are close is bonafide creep behavior.

Showing up at my work to “talk”

Men just be out here creeping on women. Its not “all men” but men tend to excuse it when their friend, brother, cousin, etc out there creeping on women

AlternativeStrain410 Report

I don’t like it when men refer to “the wife” like she’s “the lawn mower” or “the tv” or something

wikigreenwood82 Report

Try to give a stranger any type of beverage at the club. (Happened to me this weekend.)

Nah guy, just cause we chatted in the bathroom line doesn’t mean I’m gonna accept the weird cup of “water” you got me unsolicited.

ETA: a beverage that they don’t see you get, and that you could have don’t anything to.

more_pepper_plz Report

Where do you live? I get asked this a lot, if I’m alone I give as vage of an address as I can but my mom usually gives them the name of our street which freaks me out, I had many talks with her but she seems to not see a problem with this, fortunately we live in a big city and our street one of the main ones so they can’t actually find out the exact address

anooshka Report

Touch my back or waist unprompted. I’ve had situations where I’m taking a photo with a stranger (events, tourism, etc.) and this guy I’ve never met before touches the small of my back, or loops around to my hip/waist. No thank you! You can touch my shoulder or arm if you’re chill about it, but the waist/small of the back is sensitive and not for casual touch. Hands off, buddy!

Also, this is less creepy than it is intimidating, but guys who talk too loud or energetically in non-loud situations. Basically guys who raise their voice or give off car-salesman energy in conversation or at a not-loud party. It sets off that inner alarm of “is this guy going to escalate?” even though logically it’s probably going to be safe. It’s like having a headache, not annoying enough to go the doctor but painful enough that it makes you tired and stressed out

cinemachick Report

Spending casual time with them and then them immediately thinking you’re flirting with them. Not accepting “no” for an answer and then proceeding to stalk afterwards not knowing what they did wrong.

Happened several times, stays creepy and makes me very uncomfortable

M3gaGardevoir Report

“You were so hot in high school” an ex about a photo of me on my parents mantle.

krasavetsa Report

Virtue Signaling on Reddit. Self-promoting themselves when, in all likelihood, there’s an incongruence between their stated values and actions IRL.

ForAnExchange Report

I’ve been creeped out by men mostly 40+, I can’t even go to the corner store without them all stopping and staring and I’m ugly as hell and wear sweat pants and the ugliest sweater. They do not care. I was followed once by a car walking to the library once to meet up with friends. And whenever they beep or do cat calls while walking down the sidewalk in full normal clothes. Can’t even say it’s my clothes, some old men are weird asf.

Crackheadwithabrain Report

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