“What Was The Worst Or Craziest Thing You Saw At A Stag Or Bachelorette Party?” (63 Stories)

“What Was The Worst Or Craziest Thing You Saw At A Stag Or Bachelorette Party?” (63 Stories) Guys having a bachelor party, getting sh**faced and all. Then they decide to play stupid games, one was that the groom wears rubber boots, and they spray construction foam into the boots so he cannot undress them. They fall asleep later, the groom in his boots. Next day they had to rush to the hospital as he couldn’t feel his feet no more. Turns out they „died off“ and they had to amputate both legs under the knees. All guys involved were prosecuted and the bride cancelled the marriage and relationship.

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“What Was The Worst Or Craziest Thing You Saw At A Stag Or Bachelorette Party?” (63 Stories) One of the groomsmen jumped out of a moving car to go hit on a woman he saw walking down the street. He went home with her that night.

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“What Was The Worst Or Craziest Thing You Saw At A Stag Or Bachelorette Party?” (63 Stories) At my friend’s bachelor party a few years ago, after a night of very heavy drinking, my twin brother fell off a balcony of at least 20 feet.

Thankfully the only thing that happened as a result of the fall was a broken wrist.

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The entire point of bachelor and bachelorette parties is to create a fun celebration that marks the finishing of one chapter of a person’s life and the entering of a brand new one.

Generally speaking, the folks organizing these parties have to find a balance between what the bride or groom-to-be wants and what all of the guests would enjoy. You want to find a way of finding out everyone’s common interests. Naturally, the party should be built around what the bride or groom values the most, but you don’t want your guests to be bored either.

“What Was The Worst Or Craziest Thing You Saw At A Stag Or Bachelorette Party?” (63 Stories) Downtown Nashville there were two bachelorette parties in the same bar that was on the smaller side compared to others. Both brides were blonde Barbies and wearing next to nothing as was their wedding parties. Both parties were dancing in front of the stage and one of the bridesmaids from party A fell into the bride of party B. Next thing you know, the bride of party B smacks the girl who bumped into her face across the face and throws her drink on her.

Next thing you know there is a full on donnybrook going on with 12 to 14 girls fighting in front of the stage complete with hair pulling, slapping, hitting, tops getting torn off, drinks getting thrown as well as shoes. The bouncer was doing the best he can but couldn’t control the chaos and most of the patrons made their way away from the mess. Two members of the band stopped playing and tried to break it up. It took a while but things died down but the best part was that the lead guitarist just kept playing and whipped up Van Halen’s “Eruption” while the fight was happening.

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“What Was The Worst Or Craziest Thing You Saw At A Stag Or Bachelorette Party?” (63 Stories) I’ve told this story before.

I was invited by a friend at the last minute to a stag night in Atlanta for a group i didn’t know. I grabbed a bag, packed for any and every occasion.

Arrived at the grooms house to catch the coming limo when I heard a loud bang followed by cursing.
Yep, the groom had been showing off his new .22 pistol and had accidentally shot the best man in the calf muscle.

Rest of the night got weird. Random housewife’s blowing wedding party members in front of the crowd, strippers, IVs, dominatrix, and general chaos. All with a best man limping around with a fresh gunshot and a groom with a 20 pound bowling ball chained to his leg.

I learned two things. 1) I didn’t pack for any and every occasion. 2) EMTs party harder than any group alive and we should all be scared of them.

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“What Was The Worst Or Craziest Thing You Saw At A Stag Or Bachelorette Party?” (63 Stories) My girlfriend went to a bachelorette party in Savannah, GA. If you’ve been, you know there are insanely steep, cobblestone stairs by the river. Long story short, the bride of the party my girlfriend was with threw another girl in another bachelorette party down these stairs. She was knocked unconscious and bled everywhere. They rushed her to the hospital.

The bride who pushed the girl started receiving calls from the police and started ducking the calls. The other party of girls has been trying pretty hard to find her and press charges but she’s been avoiding them ever since.

My girlfriend and the rest of the girls from the party didn’t attend the wedding and don’t speak to this girl anymore. Idk if there even was a wedding tbh, the bride was basically talking about cheating on her party at the bachelorette party too.

She’s a mess lol.

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Think about what activities the bride or groom enjoy, what their characters and temperaments are like, and what they’re most passionate about. Use their hobbies and interests as a springboard for inspiration.

Maybe your friend wants a classy night out with steaks, cigars, and tasting whiskey. Or they want to relive their college glory days and have fun partying in bars and clubs all night long. Or they’re a super active adrenaline junkie and want to do something wild like skydiving, horseriding, or white water rafting.

Alternatively, they might want a quiet day with the people they love most, doing something simple, like going on a picnic, playing tabletop games, or having a marathon of their fave films at, say, an outdoor cinema.

“What Was The Worst Or Craziest Thing You Saw At A Stag Or Bachelorette Party?” (63 Stories) My buddy, the groom to be, got stabbed in the face and neck at his stag party. His fiancée was pissed off, rightfully so. Now he has a huge scar running down his cheek. Looks pretty badass although I’m sure his now wife would’ve preferred his face not to be stabbed.

Edit: so my friend had a nice, ordinary stag night, lots of drinking and normal shenanigans that go along with a stag. Around 3am the boys were thirsty, but not for booze, they wanted to see some strippers at a closed night club right in the worst area of the city. Being a seasoned partier, I know nothing good happens after 3am. I peaced. They continued on, quenched their thirst. On the way out around 5am some indigenous fellers rode by on their bikes. One of my buddies friends joked about their bikes. The guys said we will be right back to f**k you up, of course I’m paraphrasing. They went to a house that was close by (a notorious house that always causes trouble) they came back with a knife. My friend is the type of guy that will fight to the death and not scared of anything. He basically got backed in to a corner and the guy stabbed the s**t out of him. He got the knife from the guy and ripped off the hoodie the attacker was wearing. The bad guy ran away after taking a bit of a beating. The cops came and they were actually able to catch the little f****r. He got 30 days in jail. What a f*****g joke that was.

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“What Was The Worst Or Craziest Thing You Saw At A Stag Or Bachelorette Party?” (63 Stories) Not something I witnessed but I remember reading about a guy went on a stag night (I am hoping not his own) and managed to impregnate 3 women… who all had the baby and he was present throughout the pregnancy and birth for each and he was in the paper after the birth with the different mothers if not on the same day within a week of each other….

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“What Was The Worst Or Craziest Thing You Saw At A Stag Or Bachelorette Party?” (63 Stories) I (British) have always been mocked by my friend group for being posh. So much so, that for my stag, my friends came to my door dressed as royal guards and gave me a Queen Elizabeth II fancy dress outfit. We then proceeded around London on a ‘royal-sounding’ pub crawl. It was a phenomenal day. Tourists and locals were (mostly) finding it hilarious, and everyone was asking for pictures. We were so popular at the Buckingham Palace gates, I even got a picture of us all with a couple of armed police officers. This was September 2022. I’ll let you guess what the breaking news that afternoon was, whilst I was significantly drunk in central London, dressed as Her Majesty. That day did not end well.

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Bachelor or bachelorette parties do not necessarily have to have erotic or raunchy elements. Nor do they have to be chock full of activities, trivia games, and embarrassing tasks.

Some people are deeply uncomfortable with these things, so keep that in mind before you go making things super awkward for the bride or groom. There’s a difference between mild embarrassment and being paralyzed with fear because your best buds are making fun of you.

As always, try to keep a grip on how much alcohol you consume. When in doubt, it’s best to lean toward moderation. It might help you avoid some major regrets. Bachelor and bachelorette parties are not the last times you’ll be going out for drinks with your friends, so don’t act like it’s the end of the world.

“What Was The Worst Or Craziest Thing You Saw At A Stag Or Bachelorette Party?” (63 Stories) I was traveling for work. About 10PM I was checking into a hotel. In the lobby was a group of young women, obviously a bachelorette party.

Drunk girl: “But I wawnt him!”

Sober girl: “Stop it! You’re getting married tomorrow!”.

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“What Was The Worst Or Craziest Thing You Saw At A Stag Or Bachelorette Party?” (63 Stories) Group of super religious guys I knew, one was getting married like my sophomore year of college during the summer. Met up with them at a local elementary school where they proceeded to put on diapers and have races around the playground. I passed. They then went to the lake where they read bible verses. I got bored and left.

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A relationship that had been sidelined by infidelity (on his part) ended up back together. As good decisions go, they decided to push past the insecurities by getting married. He planned his own bachelor party and we were just along for the ride. Her one rule: no naked girls.

The second stop of the evening (after the all-you-can-eat buffet) was of course a gentleman’s club. We all chipped in and got him a private dance or two, hoping to soon be on our way. Instead, he went off with two girls and was gone for almost an hour, racking up hundreds of $$$ in charges.

We went to collect him and move on, “you guys got this covered right!?” No, bud. We already spent what we brought. Bouncers appear from nowhere and ‘politely’ prevent us from leaving until he’s settled up. I had to help him drunkenly activate the PIN on his credit card to visit the ATM.

Guess who was monitoring his spending activity? He flew home to an empty apartment.

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“What Was The Worst Or Craziest Thing You Saw At A Stag Or Bachelorette Party?” (63 Stories) This one is horribly sad.  When I was a kid my uncle was one of a group of five inseparable guys. They were always together and always doing dumb, but harmless s**t. All from the same small town.  One guy gets married and they have a big bachelor party at a cabin in the woods.  Just a safe place to get sh**faced and do nothing that will end the marriage before it starts.  Groom wakes up at like 4:30 and decides to head home early but his car is blocked in by his buddies car so he leaves buddy a note and takes the buddies car.  Buddies wallet is in the car.  Groom tries to pass a couple cars and the front car he is passing speeds up and won’t let him pass. Another car is coming opposite way and the car refuses to let him over. Speeds up and slows down a couple times and the groom ends up in a collision that kills him.  Cops only find the wallet that was left in the car by car owner and go notify the wrong kid’s parents that their kid is dead.  Parents go to identify body and realize it’s not their kid, but is the groom.  Eventually the groom’s parents sue the car owner because he left the keys in his car and that allowed their son, the groom, to drive while still impaired.   By the time all is said and done, several families who had been friends for years were mortal enemies who hated one another.  They never located the driver who refused to be passed but the car behind him stopped and is who called the cops and said it was 100% intentional. The guy refused to let the car in for several seconds and it was dark and there’s a steep ditch on the other side so the groom just seems to have panicked.  That s**t was sad for years. I grew up knowing all the families. The groom was one of the guys who taught me to play football and the car owner taught me to ride a motorcycle.   All the families lived within a few miles of each other in a town where the high school’s graduating classes were usually 20-25 people.

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“What Was The Worst Or Craziest Thing You Saw At A Stag Or Bachelorette Party?” (63 Stories) We were all very drunk, and after my mate’s party, a few of us were walking home via a railway yard and decided to take a nap in one of the carriages. We woke up at lunchtime the next day in another state, and we all missed the wedding, including the groom.

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Bachelor party for a friend, he invited “that guy” from his work to come along…we get a suite at a minor league hockey game to start. Private bar/bartender. That Guy decided he wasn’t being served fast enough, whipped it out and pissed on the bar when the bartender wasn’t looking.

At the strip club later, That Guy got us thrown out for calling a dancer the n-word. Outside, we had to hold him back from assaulting some poor kid walking home from work. We eventually got him in the van, he proceeds to berate the DD for not having the balls to run over pedestrians.

We dumped the racist f**k in North Philly alone. I personally never saw him again, but I know he lived for at least a few years after that; dead now. Good riddance.

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“What Was The Worst Or Craziest Thing You Saw At A Stag Or Bachelorette Party?” (63 Stories) I had a friend who bartended at a strip club. She used to get me in for free and I’d just hang out with her and drink some and chat with the girls when it was slow. (That’s when she could get me in free.)

One night I’m in there and this bachelor party comes in. Turns out it was one of the girls fiance… who didn’t know she was a dancer as she told him she did other things for work. Well, she had been, but hated the job and money and left to dance and just told him she had changed positions in her company.

They got into it, bouncer got involved, they led the guy out, where he proceeded to get a gun, then get tackled by the entire security team. Police were called. It wasn’t pretty. Kept me there for hours because they had the entire parking lot blocked off.

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Groom was so drunk that he didn’t realize the dancer was not really a cop and not really arresting him …

so he stood up into her front teeth. Emergency oral surgery for her, dozens of stitches and a turban of bandages for the wedding (which almost didn’t happen) for him.

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Went to a strip club with 4-5 guys, got 2 bottles of vodka at the table. My friend had a naked stripper giving him a lap dance, t*ts all up in his face. The whole nine yards. And then he threw up on her.

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Hosted luxury beach bonfires in a popular place for bachelorette parties in NWFL. At 5pm broad daylight in the middle of July they showed up to the beach already plastered and the first thing the bride wanted to do was play a game of ring toss with a strap-on she put on her forehead. Make it the bride takes a drink, miss you take a drink. This was at the busiest beach in the county during the busiest month of the year with children running everywhere how someone didn’t call it in and complain I have no idea.

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“What Was The Worst Or Craziest Thing You Saw At A Stag Or Bachelorette Party?” (63 Stories) Bloke from work had a one night stand on his stag do. A month or so later she got in touch to explain she was pregnant.

He told his wife to be, called off the wedding and is now married to the one night stand.

F**k knows how they explain meeting when people ask.

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“What Was The Worst Or Craziest Thing You Saw At A Stag Or Bachelorette Party?” (63 Stories) I went to a stag night with a good friend from work. We went to a local strip club, and everything was going well until this knockout redhead got on stage to do her thing. She was maybe 30 seconds into her dance when we heard the first rumble. She was clearly having some bowel issues, and was holding back the tide as she soldiered through her dance. What happened next can only be described as an eruption. She started a move on the pole, and it just went. It hit the dance floor and splattered everywhere. Not one of us was spared. We all got dotted with brown, stinky splatter. Her thong made a perfect device for throwing the loose poo stream in separate directions. She rushed off stage, of course, leaving a crowd of people staring at one another in equal parts shock and amusement. Aside from the clothes dotted in watery poo, 10/10 evening, LOL.

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“What Was The Worst Or Craziest Thing You Saw At A Stag Or Bachelorette Party?” (63 Stories) I got a text to come to the bridge. I got there and saw a group of guys singing and holding bottles of whiskey or vodka floating down the river on a couch strapped to barrels, followed by two guys, one wearing a dress, on a matching loveseat. Turns out they knew the bride-to-be didn’t like the groom-to-be’s furniture; it was exceptionally secondhand. So, they raided his place and emptied it of everything she didn’t like as a pre-wedding present so that when she moved in, it would be ready for her to fill with the right stuff. Turns out that filling the river with garbage is not legal. A few days later, they were there digging stuff out with police supervision. And, it also turns out that new furniture and kitchenware is expensive. The bride was not happy.

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Went to a bachelor party at a cabin, and we all ended up with food poisoning from a damn potato salad after a night of heavy drinking. Eight guys, one bathroom. Everyone was spewing from each end. The groom barely made it through the ceremony before sprinting to the bathroom again.

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“What Was The Worst Or Craziest Thing You Saw At A Stag Or Bachelorette Party?” (63 Stories) The stripper used hand sanitizer on the stag’s back and lit it on fire. Of course, it didn’t burn off right away like she (stupidly) expected. Stag ended up in the hospital with second-degree burns to his entire back. I still, to this day, can smell the burning flesh and back hair.

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“What Was The Worst Or Craziest Thing You Saw At A Stag Or Bachelorette Party?” (63 Stories) At my bachelor party, a guy who owned the house slept with one of the two strippers. For some reason, he decided not to pay her, and she cut up all his work suits in his closet with a knife. I didn’t know any of this was happening because I was drunk and playing pool like a reasonable partygoer, but I support her decision. He always was a dumb*ss.

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“What Was The Worst Or Craziest Thing You Saw At A Stag Or Bachelorette Party?” (63 Stories) The groom was absolutely p**s drunk and we were walking to the next spot. He approaches a lady and says, “Oh my God your dog is so beautiful! And so are you! Can I get your number?” And she says yeah but before she finishes he goes, “SIKE I’m getting married hahahaha!” And starts sprinting down the street and jumped over another person in the party. Just took off giggling.

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The bachelorette party took place at a sports club where football games were being broadcast on television. They invited a stripper to perform, and among other typical bachelorette fare, they had squirty cream, a bride eating a banana out of his panties, and so on. But during the entire thing, an elderly man was sitting on a bar stool and watching the football. He was too obstinate to move, having been there before they arrived. He is standing about a foot away from the soiled male stripper with his pint, his eyes fixed on the screen and still.

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Mild story compared to some comments here. The Stag never made it out, he got too drunk during the pre drinks. We put him to bed and went out partying without him.

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“What Was The Worst Or Craziest Thing You Saw At A Stag Or Bachelorette Party?” (63 Stories) Nsfw. I used to bounce at few strip clubs. One of them had a weekly stag night. Which means that there were male dancers at least one night a week. The usual is bridesmaid or bride dares to blow the dancer, I’ve seen them do the lipstick challenge which is each woman wears a different shade of lipstick and then see who can get theirs the furthest. It’s a deepthroat challenge lol. This includes family members that show up. Yup grandma was involved. Craziest was went outside to smoke heard some women arguing and one of the dancers is surrounded by 3 generations of the same family trying to decide who was going to get a turn with him first.

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“What Was The Worst Or Craziest Thing You Saw At A Stag Or Bachelorette Party?” (63 Stories) I was at a bachelor party in Key West. We were at a bar and the server recently had a baby. Had huge ti*ts. Someone made a commentary and she asked us if the bachelor wanted a White Russian. She proceeded to make a White Russian with her breast milk. And upcharged us!

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“What Was The Worst Or Craziest Thing You Saw At A Stag Or Bachelorette Party?” (63 Stories) I got one that’s completely different than you’d expect.

For my bachelor party, I took some of my best friends camping and rock climbing. The area we went is known to have been sacred to native Americans. One night, we go up to the top of the hill and are just chilling and smoking cigars. We’re the only people there until we hear a group make their way to an area maybe 30 yards away. They start playing drums and other instruments and start chanting and dancing. My friends and I try to stay hidden and watch them perform this ceremony.

After 30 minutes or so, they stop and are all just sitting around talking quietly. Meanwhile, one of my groomsmen lets out this earth shattering 5 second fart. The group absolutely cracks up and everyone was howling with laughter. It’s legit one of the funniest things I’ve ever experienced. I’m tearing up from laughing just thinking about it.

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“What Was The Worst Or Craziest Thing You Saw At A Stag Or Bachelorette Party?” (63 Stories) As we left the strip joint to go to the next stop on a friend’s stag adventure, one of the drunk groomsmen thought it would be a great idea to grab the coat-check girl’s tip jar and (attempt) to leave with it.

Turns out those burly bouncer types are not only good at keeping rowdies out, they are pretty decent at tackling idiots running away carrying mini-fishbowls full of cash…

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Santa Ynez, CA–hanging with my college friends who were visiting wine country where I live, I take them to an honest cowboy bar–like hitching post with a few horses every night.

Bachelorette party rolls in around 9 from wine tasting and dinner–they are f****d up and ready for more.

My handsome and ‘front man’ roommate from college, a dude who looks so much like John Elway it’s not funny, somehow starts talking to the Bride to be, and then they disappear.

30 mins later he comes back and says she begged him to raw dog her in the bushes outside the bar. Not a great start to a committed life!

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Groom tied naked to a chair, received a lap dance, followed by a BJ from an equally nude stripper, as about 100 guests looked on, including his father and future father in-law.

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“What Was The Worst Or Craziest Thing You Saw At A Stag Or Bachelorette Party?” (63 Stories) 12 early 20-somethings in three adjoining hotel suites all down with norovirus (or some kind of s******g-and-puking virus).

I dodged a bullet – I was a bit older (it was the party for the guy marrying my oldest friend’s little sister), didn’t know anyone but the groom and had gotten my own room separately. They had tapped into one guy’s home brew keg after we finished bar hopping for the night and either that or room service was the culprit.

The smell and sounds when I knocked on one of the doors the next afternoon, not good.

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“What Was The Worst Or Craziest Thing You Saw At A Stag Or Bachelorette Party?” (63 Stories) Bachelor party and saw the soon to be groom getting blown by his best man on a party bus as I went to use the bathroom in the back.

This was 15ish years ago. Those two have been a couple for like 5 years now.

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“What Was The Worst Or Craziest Thing You Saw At A Stag Or Bachelorette Party?” (63 Stories) Both the bride and the groom had wild parties the night before their wedding, and both slept through the wedding. It was just a small city hall ceremony, so no huge deal. They got a call from the city hall asking where they were. They decided f**k it, we’ll do it another time.

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“What Was The Worst Or Craziest Thing You Saw At A Stag Or Bachelorette Party?” (63 Stories) Well, there was that time that Dennis Rodman took me and all of my friends into the VIP room at the strip club for my buddy’s bachelor party. Seriously. This was in Dallas in 2000 right after Rodman’s short stint with the Mavericks. We were all like a year or two out of college and this was the first of my college buddies to get married. We’d been bar hopping all night. Got a couple of girls to join us on our party bus and headed to a strip club. We get up to the door guy and my most socially forward, big talker friend goes up to the manager. He explains we’re on a bachelor party and says something like, “listen, we’re not some broke college students. We’re here to spend some money and have a great f*****g time.” This is absolutely laughable because at like 22-23, we probably barely had enough money to get us all in after drinking all night and buying drinks for the girls that joined us. Right then some exotic car pulls up (Ferrari if memory serves) and Dennis Rodman gets out of the passenger side and his buddy/bodyguard/whatever from the driver. He walks past the line and right up to the manger who is talking with us. My friend (the ballsy big-talker) says something like, “Oh, man, Dennis, my buddy who is getting married is a huge fan. It would mean a lot if you could just go say congratulations to him.” Rodman kinda just says sure, guy, and walks in.

Now the manager, between my friend’s spending money comment, and then the confusion around Rodman walking in, us talking to him, and a crowd of people pushing to see/talk to Rodman, just sort of lets the rest our group go in, no cover. Once inside, maybe 30-45min go by and we’re just doing our thing. Rodman had disappeared into the VIP area, but came out briefly. My friend goes, “you didn’t have to be a d**k about it”. Rodmen was like, “excuse me?!” My friend said “you could have just said no to congratulating our friend. You didn’t have to be a d**k and say you would, then ignore him.” We thought he was about to get his a*s kicked. But then Rodman said, “oh man, I’m sorry, I forgot about him. Which one is the groom? That one? Ok. How many people with y’all? Hey {manager’s name}, they with me tonight.” And the velvet rope opened. All of us, the girls who had come with us too, all got into the VIP room. He sent two girls over to give the groom a lap dance and bought our table a couple of bottles. Hung out with the group a bit too. Absolute baller of a night. Bachelor party to top them all.

I’m sure folks on reddit might not believe, and I wouldn’t blame you. But I swear on my kids this really happened. My buddies all still talk about it. This was pre-camera phone days, but one of our friends has a insta-camera photo of Dennis Rodman with a bunch of us. Thanks Mr. Rodman! Made a huge memory for all of us!

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I didn’t see it but my friend’s husband had his bachelor party on the same night we had her bachelorette party. The ladies went off and did our thing. The men went off and did theirs. One of the guys got so wasted on their outing that he s**t his pants. They all had to go back to the hotel and end the night early so he could clean himself up. A couple weeks later, at the wedding one of my friends got super drunk and the same guy kept trying to convince her to go back to his hotel room with him. We wouldn’t let her, she could hardly even walk. The guy is gross.

NaughtiestTimeline Report

Well mine seems tame to some of the ones I read. One of the parties I was a part of multiple girls openly cheated on their boyfriends and husbands. They would scream at me to take a picture of them dancing and being pick up by random dudes. 2 of them slept with someone else (while in a committed closed relationship). The next day they wanted me to post the pictures for them. I refused to get drawn into whatever drama they were trying to stir up. Made the wedding awkward when I met their partners. It was sad there was a lot more trust between me and my standing hook up than couples that were committed to each other.

k_lo970 Report

Strip club for a buck’s night. Private room with 20 guys around a big table, strippers moving around the table.

One pauses in front of my friend next to me: they knew each other, she worked at a store near his. She’s there gyrating her naked vagina in his face and chatting about their day jobs.

It was surreal.

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“What Was The Worst Or Craziest Thing You Saw At A Stag Or Bachelorette Party?” (63 Stories) Blondie was on stage, crushing empty beer cans in her cleavage while reciting poetry. A sixty-something dancer dressed like Alice in Wonderland was performing a lap dance for the groom-to-be, thrusting her withered bosom in his face and croaking “Georgia Peaches!” All in all a pretty typical Saturday night at Atlanta’s Clermont Motor Lounge.

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Had two private shippers at a house where it was a combo stag and bachelorette party. One of the lady got so drunk wearing super high heels she could barely stand up straight. I think she twisted her ankle so bad she had to be fireman carried back to the car like 4 hours early while the other girl finished up.

Zetsubou51 Report

I was a pizza driver and delivered a pizza to one and they thought I was a stripper and started undressing me.

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Friend from HS was getting hitched. We liked his finance she was pretty sexy and wore a tight black dress (she wore it very well) to the bachelorette and bachelor party bus. Yes this seemed odd they combined them but it was a fun first few stops. Me and my wife seemed a bit more sober than most people and everything was going well. Towards the end of the night the bachelorette was pretty drunk and injured herself. You’ll never guess how.

In the middle of the bus in the isle there was one of those tin buckets you fill with ice and beer…. It was one of those oval shaped big ones and there were sharp edges on it. I don’t remember if she was dancing or if she just fell but she hit that exact sharp part with her vagina (remember tight black dress). Blood everywhere, she’s going crazy sobbing and crying because of how embarrassing it was…..bus arrives at hospital we get her in there. Sort of a giant red flag for hospital staff to get a woman who looks like she’s been sexually assaulted but we left her and her sister + fiancé there and took bus home. We went home thinking that was the end of it.

My buddy spent the night at their place, said they finally came home at like 3am and went to bed. My friend wakes up to fiancé screeming his head off asking for help…..people rush to their bedroom and the wound must have opened and she was almost dead from the blood loss. Ambulance came, she was fine after another repair on her crotch wound but holy s**t what a ride.

Kooky-Boysenberry580 Report

A bunch of guys dressed as nuns on a stag beating the s**t out of another group of guys in a pub. It was a pretty big pub where drinks and glass were flying everywhere, and folk were trying their best to avoid the chaos, but the fight was moving all over the place. My m8 tried to hide in the disabled toilet, but there was already someone in there hiding 😄 IRC, it turns out the nuns were bouncers on their night off and they had a run in with these guys the night or weekend before.

NJ247 Report

These guys were drunk walking on the side of the road, about 12 people after the McGregor vs Mayweather fight. These guys went through two kegs + all of the liquor that waa involved, in just a few hours.

Well, this one dude sees an empty toilet on the side of the road, obviously left out ‘For Free’, and decides he needs to pee. Well, that pressure of peeing made him decide right then and there that he needed to take a **GIANT** Deuce, right into that dry toilet. This thing coiled up and out like a God damn Cobra waiting to strike. Complete Jackass vibes, except instead of walking into a hardware store with a newspaper and toilet paper.. he just had his boxers to wipe his a*s and the look of his friends faces to concentrate on.

Who the f**k does that? Like actually?

……*that dude was me…..*.

TheNickelGuy Report

Managing a strip club i saw a lot of guys stripped down and dragged on the stage in underwear with a dog leash around their neck.

They did that to me for my bday and 3 of the girls walking me on stage were girls I had fired and the hells angels were watching LOL.

Famous_Track_4356 Report

My friend beat the s**t out of his future (ex) father in law and brother in law. Blackened the brothers eyes and choked her dad out on the floor of a bowling alley. Wedding got postponed, they’re now divorced.

Accomplished-Bat1419 Report

I got a concussion during my bachelor party from a middle age stripper’s fake t*ts getting slammed into head. I told my now wife in the morning at a family meal that she needed to keep an eye on me. She laughed at me and said I deserved it but she would keep an eye on me.

tomgweekendfarmer Report

I was at airport security when a bachelor party was going through. The grooms bag was flagged and he was pulled aside. His friends all were smirking he looked bewildered. Security reached in and pulled out a can of beer with a MASSIVE dildo duct taped to it. He was mortified everyone started chanting for him to drink it and he chugged the beer at 6:30am with a dildo slapping him in the face. It was glorious.

FidelCashflows247 Report

“What Was The Worst Or Craziest Thing You Saw At A Stag Or Bachelorette Party?” (63 Stories) I asked a bachelor party concierge in Medellin this exact question. He said it’s always the Russians that go to the extremes. One group paid a woman so that they could remove some of her teeth with pliers.

shantytownexpress , freestocks Report

A friend of mine was getting married, and a whole load of us went out to celebrate on a pub crawl. He’s ginger, and somebody thought it would be funny to purchase a bag of carrots to torment him for the evening, mainly to throw at him at random intervals. After a few beers, one of the guys decided it would be funny to put one of the carrots up his bum for a cheap laugh. He pulled it out and was waving it around as if it was a weapon. At that moment, another one of the guys had wandered back from the toilet, picked up his drink, and wandered over to the carrot-wielding assailant. The carrot was then slowly waved under his nose, and without thinking, or knowing where it has been, the end was bitten off and he began to eat it. The disgusted roar, followed by laughter, will always stay with me.

TheSecondiDare Report

We persuaded the groom to go for a single dance in a strip club. He got talking to the stripper as she put her clothes back on about his upcoming wedding plans. He was surprised at how interested she was in it. He chatted with her for ages. He didn’t realize he was still in the private dancing area, so he was still on the clock. So, he accidentally spent $270 telling a stripper about the cake, band, and seating arrangements for his wedding while she was three feet away from him with her clothes on.

Emotional-Wishbone95 Report

Went to a bachelor party years ago. Buddy had rented a large suite with a personal bartender/food service and the football game was playing on the big screen. Suite had two beds in each of three bedrooms and they were only 6 of us so it was perfect. All around a great night.

The games ended and the bar and food service people were packing up. Just a few minutes after they left, 3 party strippers showed up and did their thing as the party continued. We all obviously enjoyed the show but we were pretty respectful to them considering. We offered to let them continue partying with us and they actually did hang out for a while. The night ended with cards against humanity being played as a drinking game. I don’t drink myself and it was late so I opted out and went to bed.

I awoke two hours later to the groom’s cousin banging one of the strippers on the balcony.

Good times.

Jalopy_Junkie Report

My friend/coworker’s bachelor party held at his apartment building.Everything going great. Stripper, booze, etc.

Then one of his friends tries to scale the outside of the apartment building by climbing up a large conduit. Part way up he fell and ended up breaking his back!

Pleasant_Acadia_5800 Report

An acquaintance of mine went to a strip club for his bachelor party.  The dancers took him up on stage and tied him to a pole, then provocatively danced all over him, removing his clothes piece by piece.  Every guy in the place started making bachelor party plans for that club.  Then the dancers pulled his underwear off and left him tied up there flopping nakedly in the breeze and all of those fresh bachelor party plans got cancelled. The worst part is that when they freed him, he jokingly tried to scale the pole (still naked) and they kicked him out over it.

dirge-kismet Report

Bachelor Party in Vegas. We’re in a hotel room and someone has arranged for two “strippers” to come to the room. They were sketchy and that’s being nice. Looked like they were definitely strung out. So they dance and sort of doing their thing, then they go around the room looking for tips and offering private dances. One of the guys there starts going down on the stripper in the middle of the room. BTW, he was one of the few married ones. The rest of us sort of look around like WTF. We all make our way out to the balcony to smoke and wait for that s**t to end.

extrafishsauceplz Report

I wasn’t part of the party but I did see a guy in Vegas completely black out drunk at 6am with 2 gigantic dildos duct taped to each hand. He was trying to enter Caesar’s Palace but the security was not letting him in. Edward Dildo Hands. Looked pretty funny.

Spencergh2 Report

I am a guy who is friends with a lot of artsy women. One of my friends was having a bachelorette party and my wife and I were invited. They were sketching a nude male model when we got there. *GASP!!!* yeah, pretty tame and boring compared to every other story on here. And I’m fine with that.

The_Urban_Genitalry Report

A friend of mine wanted a unique bachelor party, so I arranged a few hours of paintball for the men. The groom got shot in his left hand and was left with massive bruises. The bride was mad because the ring photo was going to be ruined. They managed to alter the shot just enough so that her hand covered most of the bruised areas. Also, I got shot in the forehead, and I wasn’t wearing a hat — just goggles. It cut my head open and caused a lot of bruising. In the wedding photos, I looked like I had just gotten in a brawl. All the other groomsmen had been shot and bruised in multiple spots, so we were all looking pretty rough that day.

coochiesmoocher Report

This kind of happened on mine. My idiot buddies decided to fill me with so much whiskey that I ended up being sent home on the metro escorted by some of my aunt’s friends, who we bumped into while they were out shopping for the day and grabbing dinner. I threw up into one of their shopping bags (which they’d kindly emptied in order to let me), and my now-wife met us at the station and took me home and to bed by 9:00 p.m. My wife then made me deliver bottles of wine to my aunt’s friends as a thank you/apology a few days later.

wannacreamcake Report

Not as bad as some of these, but I got invited to a Bachelorette party as I was the “groomswoman” for a long time guy friend and was kind of lumped in with the girl activities. Didn’t know any of these people and had only met the bride twice at this point. They were all party girls that went to college together and I’m a nerdy introvert. Nothing wrong with any of that, but there was definitely a disconnect in personalities. It started with barhopping downtown where they proceeded to get the bride so shitfaced she couldn’t keep her eyes open. Then, they had arranged for us to go to one of those traveling “Magic Mike” wannabe shows, which I had never seen before.

I’m no prude, but what I witnessed these girls turn into, along with dozens of other brides and birthday girls, was something out of animal planet. It started off laughable with cheesy stripping and dancing, then they started bringing “lucky” women up on stage who’s friends paid for lap dances. Lap….as in pulling up the girls dresses and dry f*****g the hell out of them, shoving their crotches in their faces, burying their own faces into the girl’s bits, etc. I just kind of watched and stayed our of it, but was pretty pissed when they pulled my friend’s future wife on stage while nearly blackout drunk. She didn’t even know where she was while these “dancers” were practically SAing her while her friends cheered her on. Women were straight up jerking off in their seats while they watched the show.

When the guys started picking random women in the audience to grind on whether they paid or not, I had to tell a guy to f**k off. I made sure one of the bride’s only sober friend was going to keep her safe and then got the f**k out of there. It was super weird at the wedding as the bride remembered none of it.

WickedChef0323 Report

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