“Was I Super Petty? Definitely”: Man Gets Revenge Against Neighbor Who Kept Calling The Police


Getting along with your neighbors can be quite a challenge if they’re unreasonable. For instance, if they are unusually sensitive to even the smallest noises, it can make your daily life practically impossible. One redditor, u/xProperlyBakedx, shared a story from nearly two decades ago about an elderly neighbor who kept complaining about excessive noise.

She constantly kept calling the police on the OP and his wife. At one point, the author had enough and got some petty revenge, scaring her. While some internet users thought the Reddit user’s reaction was warranted, others thought he might have gone too far. You’ll find the full story as you read on. Bored Panda has reached out to the author of the post via Reddit and we’ll update the article as soon as we hear back from him.

It can be a nightmare to live next to neighbors who keep complaining to the police about you when you’re doing nothing wrong

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A man shared how he and his wife tried to handle a complicated situation with an overly sensitive neighbor

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It’s unclear why the woman behaved as she did, but she may have been dealing with some serious issues

According to the author of the viral r/pettyrevenge post, it was stressful to have the police show up randomly at the door of his apartment. The neighbor’s noise complaints continued even when the OP and his wife were out of the building, too.

As many redditors who read the story pointed out, the elderly woman probably had health or mental health issues. The author of the post, u/xProperlyBakedx, agrees that she needed proper support and professional help, and should not have been living alone.

However, the man was at the end of his wits. He and his wife tried seemingly everything they could think of. They spoke to the office managing the building. They talked to the police. They even tried to approach their neighbor, but she had an unusually sensitive reaction to this.

Completely frustrated, the man kicked the door from within his apartment when he saw his neighbor walking past it in the hall, scaring her. He then pretended to be vacuuming so when the police came around again, he had a cover story. “Was I [a jerk] and super petty? Definitely. Do I regret it? Sometimes. Would I do it again? [Absolutely],” the OP wrote.

The reaction to the post was mixed. Some redditors were appalled that anyone would scare someone who clearly had deeper issues. Others, however, pointed out that it becomes difficult to care about these issues when your own quality of life takes a huge nosedive.

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Getting a mediator involved can be invaluable in these sorts of sensitive situations

Obviously, nobody should be scaring old ladies or people who need help with mental health issues. At the same time, just because someone is older does not automatically make them right. Not every complaint about excessive noise is valid. And if the complainer is unwilling or unable to talk things about with their neighbors, you’re essentially stuck.

In sensitive cases like this one, it’s best to get a third party involved. If someone can mediate the entire conflict, it can get everyone on the same page looking for viable compromises.

The people managing the building, the neighbor’s family members, or even a representative of the town you’re living in could help navigate the situation.

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Neighbors need to keep the racket to a minimum, but they also need to learn to tolerate everyday noise, too

Older buildings can let a lot of sound through because of thin walls, ceilings, and floors. So if you’re a person who is particularly sensitive to what your neighbors are doing throughout the day, you may want to invest in soundproofing your place.

Alternatively, if you can’t bear people doing chores and watching TV while the sun’s still up, it may be worth considering moving. You may need a place that’s far more isolated.

On the flip side, if there really is excessive noise in the building, then your neighbors need to knock that off ASAP. Try talking to them about the issue first on neutral ground. Try to be friendly and explain how their behavior is affecting you.

Remember that the more diplomatic you are (at least at first), the more likely you are to get them to change their habits. You don’t want to make it feel like you’re attacking them. Even if you’re genuinely outraged by their parties in the middle of the night, try to be civil. Trade contact info so that you can get in touch if things ever get out of hand again.

However, if your neighbors are unreasonable and ignore your warnings about their after-hours noisiness, it’s perfectly reasonable to take other measures. Get in touch with the authorities, as well as the building’s management.

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The author shared some more of his thoughts in the comments of his post

Some people suggested that the neighbor may have been behaving this way due to health issues

Here’s how some readers reacted to the story

Other internet users shared their own experiences with bad neighbors

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