“Two-Week Rule”: Robert Downey Jr.’s Wife Susan Shares Couple’s Secret To Strong Marriage


Robert Downey Jr.’s wife candidly revealed that the family maintained a strict two-week rule to stay together while shedding light on the unpredictability of his acting career.

Film producer Susan Nicole Downey, who has been married to Robert for 18 years, said in a recent interview with People: “We do have a two-week rule, which often feels too long, but we don’t go more than two weeks without seeing each other and the family being together.”

While Robert is a dad to 30-year-old musician Indio from a previous marriage, he also shares son Exton, 12, and daughter Avri, 9, with Susan.

She said: “Fortunately, we prefer to be a traveling circus when we can be.”

Robert Downey Jr.’s wife, Susan Nicole Downey, shared their family’s two-week rule to ensure they stay together

Image credits: Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic

Nevertheless, as unexpected events can occur, Susan admitted that her husband’s acting endeavors often lead him to distant locations for diverse projects.

She revealed: “You keep the basic rule of two weeks, and then you don’t try and think too far ahead, because so much of what we do is oddly unpredictable.”

The resourceful mom continued: “Someone might get sick, or there might be a shutdown, or this or that.

“So you just have to have some basic things in place, and then you have to be willing to flow with the rest of it.”

Image credits: Amy Sussman/Getty Images

Meanwhile, the Oppenheimer star opened up about his cherished family life, saying: “It just gives me, honestly, something to attach my neurosis to that’s positive.”

Susan happens to be Robert’s producing partner at their company, Team Downey. She reportedly met the 58-year-old actor while making the 2003 thriller Gothika, which she produced.

Despite also having an impressive career in the show-biz industry, she pointed out that her schedule was a little easier to manage than her husband’s.

Susan told People: “The good news is I’m not in front of the camera, and so as a producer, I end up with a little bit more flexibility in terms of location, of where I would need to be.

Susan acknowledged that despite their two-week rule, Robert’s acting commitments often took him to distant places for various projects

Image credits: Jimmy Kimmel Live

“I really admire and have a lot of empathy for couples who both have to be in front of the camera, because you get stuck and you have to make those choices.”

Robert has previously openly recognized the significant role his wife has played in his achievements.

During the past award season, the Iron Man actor frequently mentioned Susan while on stage accepting his accolades.

On Sunday (March 11), when Robert scored his first Oscar, he said in a speech: “I’d like to thank my veterinarian, I meant wife, Susan Downey over there,” he said after first jokingly thanking “[his] terrible childhood and the Academy, in that order,” as per CNN.

Robert openly credited Susan for her significant role in his achievements

He continued: “She found me, a snarling rescue pet, and loved me back to life. That’s why I am here.”

Robert has reportedly always given his spouse credit for helping to get him back on track after his struggles with substance abuse.

Back in 2010, he told the Irish Independent: “The old saying is true – behind every good man there’s an incredible woman.

“I owe a huge amount – if not all – of my success to Susan.

“We make a great team, and all that luck I spoke about, that’s Susan.”

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