TikTok Trend Shows What The Female Version Of The Roman Empire Obsession Looks Like


The allure of the Roman Empire has long captivated the minds of people throughout history. Its grandeur, power, and enduring legacy have left an indelible mark on the collective imagination of countless individuals, but in particular, on men.

In fact, men finding themselves irresistibly drawn to the vestiges of Rome has not gone unnoticed as a popular new trend has been circulating lately on TikTok, where videos tagged #RomanEmpire have amassed over 1.2 billion views, exposing that very obsession.

Recently, a new trend emerged which proved that men think about the Roman Empire more often than we thought

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Sharing their funny observation on TikTok, women have been quizzing the men in their circles about the frequency of their contemplation regarding The Eternal City and its bygone ways of living.

In these video clips, women have been expressing their astonishment as they uncovered that men appeared to ponder this historical topic quite regularly, with responses varying from monthly reflections to weekly musings, and even occasional daily thoughts.

Evidence #1

Image credits: allie_ninfo

Asked how many times @haley_mcguire‘s husband thinks about the Roman Empire, he answers “Honestly? At least three or four times a week.” To the woman’s bafflement, he attributes these musings primarily to the fascination with elements like their swords, roads, and glorious armies.

@allie_ninfo OMG I’m mind blown rn 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 #romanempire #romanempireprank #lol ♬ original sound – Allie Ninfo

Evidence #2

Evidence #3

@kaitgrange he is a statistic #romanempire #romanempirememe ♬ original sound – kait grange

Naturally, this has prompted women to ponder: if men think about the Roman Empire, what do they think about in turn?

As a result, another trend has surged on social media, where women of all walks of age have been sharing what they thought the girl’s version of the Roman Empire was.

It appears that the female side of TikTok has somewhat come to an agreement, as some examples, starting with Greek mythology, have come up more frequently than others.

Seeing that the Roman Empire takes much mindscape in guys’ heads, women started wondering what the female equivalent of this phenomenon looks like

One thing is certain: women are much more interested in Greek mythology than in the Roman Empire

Women and girls can be drawn to Greek mythology for a variety of reasons. Perhaps the fact that the genre features many strong female characters plays an important role in it. Some powerful, even inspiring goddesses range from Athena to Artemis, not to forget about Hera, the Olympian queen of the gods, the goddess of marriage and womanhood. 

Moreover, Greek mythology is nothing short of symbolism and metaphors, with many myths containing symbolic elements that can resonate with women’s experiences. 

Titanic also came up as a popular answer

Image credits: paikallinendumbass

Meanwhile, the Titanic has shown up as a strong contender for the equivalent of men’s fascination with Julius Caesar and his ruling.

The true heartbreaking story of the ship’s wreckage was the subject of the Oscar-winning 1997 movie, Titanic, and due to its romantic element, has captivated the hearts of many women.

But more so, some analyses have also drawn the conclusion that the movie embodies women’s rebellion against imposed social norms and becoming free.

In explaining Rose’s, Titanic’s protagonist, point of view, a woman wrote: “She’s not their possession; she belongs to herself.”

Besides the movie, the history of the Titanic wreckage is filled with impactful art, intrigues regarding the location of the accident and the circumstances surrounding the disaster, as well as tragic real testimonies.

Weirdly enough, so did the Soviet Union, particularly the Romanov family and its many mysteries

Royal families have always captivated the attention of millions of history fans out there. But one noble family in particular seems to catch women’s interest more than others: The Romanovs.

The Romanov dynasty, which ruled Russia for over three centuries, is a compelling and tragic chapter in history, and is packed with mystery and romance.

The Romanovs’ reign is marked by a rich tapestry of political intrigue and dynastic struggles. But more so, the Russian family has been surrounded by myths, mysteries, and conspiracy theories, such as the enduring mystery of Princess Anastasia’s survival. 

Many other suggestions regarding the girl’s version of the Roman Empire have been made, including the obsession over ex-best friends, the Soviet Union, Princess Diana, and ancient Egypt.

You can watch the original video below

@paikallinendumbass vai onks se vaan mä 😭 #romanempire #history ♬ original sound – bonnie ⛧

Here’s another take on women’s version of obsessing over the Roman Empire, featuring such prominent figures as Joan of Arc

@peytonliveslifeand now i know how joan of arc felt🎶♬ original sound – peyton🫶

One such list can’t exist without Tom Holland’s iconic “Umbrella” performance

@itis.kat ok but we are basically all womem here so what do we think? #fyp #romanempire #womanequivalent #greenscreen ♬ original sound – Kat

Nevertheless, one of the most commonly named examples fell on Salem’s witch trials.

The Salem witch trials, which occurred in 1692 in colonial Massachusetts, represent a dark and complex chapter in history which has raised important questions about gender and power.

According to an article that was published in Trinity’s Women Review, “the Salem witch trials present an infamous manifestation of sexist belief about women’s inherent deviance unless they are confined to feminine and maternal roles.”

Most women were amusingly shocked by this massive revelation

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