“This Isn’t Great”: Apple Users Are Slamming iPhone 15 For Getting Too Hot To Handle


As is often the case with new Apple products, the release of the iPhone 15 had tech enthusiasts forming lengthy queues around the world to purchase the company’s latest smartphone model. From New Delhi to Dubai, people were eager to discover the phone’s novel features, which include an ultra-wideband chip capable of connecting far-away users, major rear camera upgrades, and a design with softer contoured edges.

Still, not everyone was pleased with their purchase. Multiple users who encountered problems with their new iPhone model aired out their frustrations to their large social media following.

Less than a week after the newest iPhone 15 was released, users have encountered problems with their devices

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The latest smartphone comes with an A17 Pro system-on-chip that allows for faster speeds than M2 Macbooks, a feature that’s especially exciting for the gaming community. In fact, Apple described the modern chip on its site as a “monster win for gaming.” 

It also refers to the update as “the biggest redesign in the history of Apple GPUs.”

This is why Chinese tech reviewer Geekerwan decided to put Apple’s new iPhone 15 Pro Max through different tests to see if it could handle long gaming sessions.

Sadly, it didn’t. Apart from discovering that the phone overheated during intense tasks, reaching temperatures of up to 48°C (118° F), Geekerwan found that the chip “throttled ” gaming performance.

Chinese tech reviewer Geekerwan reported that his Pro Max model reached temperatures of up to 48° C (118° F) during long videogame sessions

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Even if you’re using it for such basic things as socials or emails, the iPhone is still prone to overheating

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To conduct his tests, the gamer played Genshin Impact for 30 minutes with high graphic settings in a room that reported a temperature of 25°C (77°F).

Afterward, he played Resident Evil Village and noticed that the A17 Pro chip’s quality was becoming affected, lowering from mid -40s to mid -30 fps.

Tech content creator from Canada, RJey, backed his claims by posting on X that the novel phone model “gets so hot sometimes that if you’re using it caseless you can’t hold it.”

Tech content creator Rjey posted on X that the model “gets so hot sometimes that if you’re using it caseless, you can’t hold it”

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In an interview with IGN, Apple recognized the possibility of their newest smartphones reaching soaring temperatures. Tim Millet, the tech giant’s VP of Platform Architecture, acknowledged that the iPhone 15 Pro has the power to “burn a hole” through the back.

[Developers] could, in theory, take this amazing GPU and try to burn a hole through the back of the phone. We wouldn’t let that happen, but they could definitely do something that was probably not optimal for the experience,” he said.

Another issue that brought negative consumer reviews was related to the fragility of the device’s back panel.

While some people choose to protect their phone with an armored case, others prefer to show off its sleek design and leave it as it is.

Looking to test the quality of the iPhone 15 Pro Max, tech enthusiast JerryRigEverything uploaded a video carrying out a stress test on the device. After holding his phone in a horizontal position and applying some pressure using his fingers, he was disappointed to see a large crack form on the back panel.

“I’m going to be honest. I did not see that one coming, that snap was abnormally quick,” he said. The YouTuber, who has a 7-million-subscriber community on his channel, has been carrying out smartphone durability tests for eleven years.

Another problem that users encountered was related to the device’s durability

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“I’m not sure if it’s because the Grade 5 titanium frame [the Pro Max’s material] has nearly three times more tensile strength than aluminum, or half the elasticity, but the glass did not like being pressed or flexed by my thumb. On the first bend, too,” he added.

As people in the comments pointed out, the stress he applied is similar to dropping the phone from a standing position or accidentally sitting on a chair with the device in one’s pocket.

“iPhone 15 Pro is the first iPhone to feature an aerospace-grade titanium design, using the same alloy that spacecraft use for missions to Mars,” Apple boasts about their latest smartphone on their site.

Though the damage doesn’t directly affect the device’s functionality, people argued that a crack is not an expected outcome for a smartphone model whose price ranges from $799 to $1,599.

Jerry’s advice? Be gentle with Apple’s latest iPhone.

People shared their personal experiences with the latest iPhone model, and some reported positive results

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