Sneaky Aunt Sparks Family Drama After Tattooing Half-Sister’s 7-Year-Old Without Consent


Tattoos are permanent forms of body art, and as such, they entail a degree of responsibility and maturity on the part of the individual seeking one.

Therefore, waiting for the appropriate age to get a tattoo is a prudent choice that can significantly enhance the overall tattoo experience.

A seven-year-old girl came back home with a permanent tattoo

Image credits: newskii_soexotic24

But one young girl in particular prematurely became the recipient of such art, sending her mother into a state of extreme despair.

A TikToker that uses the handle @newskii_soexotic24 expressed her shock and dismay when her seven-year-old daughter returned home bearing an actual tattoo, administered by her aunt, named Serena, without obtaining the mother’s permission.

The girl’s mother took on to her TikTok page to show the result

Image credits: newskii_soexotic24

The worried mother vented her frustration on the social media platform upon learning that her child had received a lasting tattoo. She disclosed that her daughter, Jayde, at the age of a second-grader, had been visiting her father’s relatives in California when this startling incident unfolded.

“I’m just wondering what would possess someone to tattoo my child,” the mum wrote in her first video explaining what had happened.

Image credits: newskii_soexotic24

According to the upset parent, during Jayde’s visit, there was a moment when her daughter contacted her to inquire about getting a tattoo.

In response, the mother emphatically and unequivocally rejected the idea. She initially posted a video showcasing the uneven heart-shaped tattoo on her child’s leg, addressing her followers with the following message: “Who in their right mind tattoos a seven-year-old? Beware of who you let your kids go around!”

The mom came to learn that it was her daughter’s aunt who had permanently inked her arm

Image credits: newskii_soexotic24

The mom captioned one of the three videos she had uploaded on TikTok to share her traumatizing experience: “So I just found out my baby dad’s sister tattooed my child!! His sister is 28, MY DAUGHTER ONLY 7.”

She additionally posted a video in which she asked Jayde to clarify how she had ended up with a permanent tattoo, conducting the inquiry on camera: “Whose idea was it for you to get a tattoo?”, to which Jayde answered: “Aunty’s”.

Jayde, the daughter, revealed that her aunt had used the same needle to tattoo her and her cousins

Image credits: newskii_soexotic24

The parent then pondered: “Did she just offer? What did she say,” and Jayde replied: “She asked what mom said and I said that mom said no.”

She went on to assert that, despite her explicit refusal, Serena proceeded with the tattooing process and even applied tattoos to her own two children.

@newskii_soexotic24 Im just wondering what would possess someone to tattoo my child. #part1 #fypシ #viral ♬ original sound – Newskiinew24

Image credits: newskii_soexotic24

The mother then inquired if she had gone through the process first, to which Jayde confirmed that she had.

Jayde further alleged that Serena had used the same needle for all of them—a practice strongly discouraged in the tattooing community due to its significant health risks and potential for disease transmission.

The mom said Child Protective Services and the police couldn’t help, due to the aunt living in a different state

Image credits: newskii_soexotic24

“Luckily you went first,” Jayde’s mom said.

It has also come to light that the aunt did not use a stencil to outline the design before operating the tattoo gun—an unsurprising revelation given the haphazard result of the tattoo.

Image credits: newskii_soexotic24

Additionally, the mother disclosed that she had never directly entrusted her daughter to Serena; rather, she had left her in the care of her paternal grandmother, who subsequently accompanied her to visit the aunt.

In the aftermath of sharing the alarming incident online, the grandmother responded with a social media counterclaim, contending Serena had not tattooed Jayde and insinuating that Jayde had done it to herself.

Jayde’s aunt and grandmother denied tattooing her arm, and tried to frame her mom instead

@newskii_soexotic24 PART 2 of my 7 yr old getting tatted! YES IM ANGRY YES I CALLED THE POLICE AND CPS #fypシ #viral #part2 ♬ original sound – Newskiinew24

Image credits: newskii_soexotic24

In a subsequent video, the mother disclosed that she had contacted both the police and Child Protective Services to report the aunt’s actions.

However, the authorities faced significant challenges in addressing the situation because Serena resided in a different state and lacked a permanent address, as she had been squatting in the property where she had performed the tattoo.

Image credits: newskii_soexotic24

In the weeks that followed, the legal owners of the property had reclaimed it, further complicating any potential intervention.

“I’m in another state so there’s not much I can do,” the distressed mom explained. She continued: “I’ve called CPS, I’ve gone to the doctor, I’ve called the police.

The mom shared screenshots of text messages exchanged between herself and the aunt, on TikTok

Image credits: newskii_soexotic24

“I’m also pregnant, so there’s not much I can do.

“When I called the police, they said they couldn’t locate her because she’s unhoused and they can’t find her address.”

Image credits: newskii_soexotic24

Additionally, she disclosed that Jayde’s father is currently incarcerated, and she is awaiting his reaction to the fact that his sister tattooed their child without the consent of either parent.

TikTok users were understandably shocked by Serena’s inappropriate and perilous actions toward her niece, expressing their astonishment through comments. “Press charges immediately,” a person wrote.

@newskii_soexotic24 PART 3 ‼️ 🤦‍♀️of MY 7yr old Getting tattooed by her aunt!! I am very angry #fypシ #viral #share beaware of who you leave your children around!! #liars ‼️#beaware ♬ original sound – Newskiinew24

Image credits: Thomas Despeyroux (not the actual photo)

In accordance with California’s penal code, specifically under section 653, the minimum age for obtaining a tattoo is 18 years old. This legal provision, enshrined within California’s statutory framework, unequivocally bars individuals under the age of 18 from acquiring tattoos, irrespective of any parental consent or authorization.

Another viewer added: “Have you had her tested? Because auntie didn’t care about what she did to them she dang sure isn’t practicing good hygiene anywhere else!”

In California, the legal age to get tattooed is 18

Image credits: benjamin lehman (not the actual photo)

In an eight-minute-long TikTok video, the mom shared a recording of her conversation with the police, who told her they had been unable to reach Serena, due to her moving out of her squat.

The mom could be heard in the recording requesting that the police carry out a welfare check on Serena’s two children, which had not been undertaken so far.

She went on to explain that she wanted Jayde to go see her father’s side of the family, as she didn’t have any siblings and “just wanted to be a good mother”.

The aggravated parent revealed that she had no idea Serena was squatting at the time, and that she was in the process of bringing Jayde into the doctor’s for testing.

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