Sister Demands Her Brother To Guess How Long Her Marriage Will Last, Regrets It


Anyone who’s ever had to plan a wedding can attest that it requires juggling a thousand tasks at once. And that’s when help from wedding planners is irreplaceable.

A wedding planner himself, redditor u/planstowed was supposed to make sure everything goes smoothly on his sister’s big day. However, things took a turn for the worse before the day even started, as by agreeing to plan her wedding, the OP broke a personal rule he had, which resulted in a big fight between the siblings.

Planning a wedding typically falls on the shoulders of the professionals for a reason

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This wedding planner refused to continue planning his sister’s wedding, resulting in her losing the venue

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Quite a few happy couples turn to wedding planners for help

Planning a family dinner can sometimes be challenging enough, let alone organizing an entire wedding. That’s why quite a few happy couples turn to professionals for help, who can not only minimize the headaches of planning, but also share insight on the dos and don’ts during the special day.

“A wedding planner is like having an accountant do your taxes,” the founder of Plannie and principal planner at Daughter of Design, Annie Lee, told The Knot. “Things you might struggle with for hours on your own, they know how to handle in minutes and with certainty. A good wedding planner has valuable years of experience that will ultimately save you time and possibly money.”

Of course, everything comes at a price; the Knot revealed that according to its 2022 study, the average cost of a wedding planner back then was about 1,900 US dollars. However, it is arguably worth it considering the amount of stress they take off the happy couple’s shoulders. That’s why, according to the same study, as much as 34% of the soon-to-be-wed hire a professional wedding or event planner.

When it comes to the number of professionals working in the wedding industry, engaged couples have their fair share of choices. Gitnux suggests that there are roughly 13,000 businesses providing wedding-related services in the US alone, helping people take care of everything from unruly hair on the wedding day to flowers, food, the venue, and much more.

Booking a certain venue might only be possible with the help of a wedding planner

The to-do lists before the big day vary with each wedding, but one thing is universal—they all often feel neverending. That’s why the help from someone who knows what they’re doing can make a world of difference; especially since professionals have typically made quite a few necessary contacts over the years. That’s what helped the OP’s sister get the venue for her wedding, as the place only cooperated with people they already had an existing relationship with, and her brother was one of such people.

The redditor didn’t specify what type of venue that was; but statistics reveal that the most popular option (in the UK, at least) is a country house or a manor. This type is followed by a barn, a city hotel/venue, and a garden or a similar outdoor space. Other popular options include a stately home, a golf course, a castle, or a place of worship. (Some couples decide to look for venues outside the country and opt for a destination wedding, which is expected to grow in popularity over the upcoming decade—it is estimated that the destination wedding market size will increase from 26.8 billion US dollars in 2022 to nearly 103.5 billion in 2033.)

The OP didn’t specify what kind of wedding—or venue—his sister imagined before the siblings fell apart; but when they did, one thing became clear—whatever the redditor was thinking of booking for the big day was no longer available. It made him wonder if he was a jerk in the situation and split the online community into camps about it.

People shared their reactions and advice in the comments

Some netizens thought the OP was not being a jerk

Others believed everyone was at fault here

There were also people far from supportive of the redditor’s actions

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