“She Broke Down Crying”: Woman Refuses To Stay At Home And Raise Her Stepdaughter’s Baby


Being a single parent can be absolutely exhausting. And everyone needs a helping hand every now and then, whether with babysitting or chores. So a support network is invaluable. But there have to be at least some boundaries. It is deeply unfair to demand that someone else give up their entire life and career to look after a child that isn’t even theirs.

Unfortunately, that’s what happened to redditor u/Late-Satisfaction228. She shared how she made a big decision after her husband and stepdaughter, who recently had a baby, thought it was necessary for the OP to stay at home to look after the child, full-time. You’ll find the full story, along with the update and the internet’s reaction, as you read on. Bored Panda has reached out to the author via Reddit and we’ll update the article as soon as we hear back from her.

All parents need a helping hand every once in a while, however, they can’t ask others to sacrifice everything for their children

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A woman turned to the internet for advice after being pressured to become a full-time nanny for her stepdaughter’s baby

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The author of the post did all of the chores and had some great ideas for how to solve everything

The situation that Reddit user u/Late-Satisfaction228 found herself in was incredibly complicated. Her stepdaughter moved back home after getting pregnant and being dumped by the baby’s father.

The author, who has her own career, had always been transparent about not wanting to be a full-time babysitter for the child. She found other ways to help out. She was doing all of the chores, from the cooking to the cleaning and laundry. And she contributed massively to the family budget—something the stepdaughter wasn’t keen on doing herself.

“Help comes in many forms. Her meals that she did not have to cook, laundry she had done, cleaning up, and grocery shopping she never had to worry about was all help that I gave.”

However, the OP’s husband and stepdaughter both demanded that she look after the baby so that the new mom could go back to work as a teacher. Essentially, the family wanted the stepdaughter to pursue her (low-paying) career and for u/Late-Satisfaction228 to sacrifice her own career ambitions to be a stay-at-home sitter.

Obviously, that’s not a fair situation to put anyone in. Especially someone who has been helping a ton as it is and offering solution after solution, only for every idea to get shot down.

Unfortunately, every idea was thrown out, and the woman was effectively backed into a corner

“We offered her multiple solutions. Such as less work hours, career change, nanny, daycare. She did not accept any offer,” the OP wrote. From this statement, it seems like the new mom wanted everyone’s support but had very little flexibility in what she was willing to sacrifice herself.

For one, she didn’t want ‘strangers’ raising her baby, which is why hiring a nanny was a big ‘no’ for her. Similarly, she was unwilling to reduce her workload so as not to impact her career… however, she had no trouble asking her stepmother to give up her own job. Meanwhile, the new mom was unwilling to ask for child support from the baby’s father or to ask him or his family to be involved in raising it.

It’s understandable that new parents can feel overwhelmed with everything, but it’s important to recognize helpful ideas and genuine help when they’re offered on a silver platter. And not to sound too preachy, but it also doesn’t hurt to be grateful every once in a while to someone who cleans your clothes and makes sure you’re fed.

After some really tough conversations, the OP decided that it was best for her to leave, and she is in contact with her lawyer. Many readers supported this decision and thought it would be for the best.

New parents need to learn to take care of themselves, not jus their kids, and be grateful for the help that they get

If a parent needs some sort of help to do some urgent tasks, get some well-deserved rest, or have just a bit of privacy, they need to learn how to ask for it. While many people will be able to pick up on the not-so-subtle cues that someone’s struggling and will offer their assistance, others need to be asked because they wouldn’t want to presume anything. However, as a parent, you need to be very specific about what kind of help it is that you need.

There are plenty of people that you can ask to babysit your child for a while, for instance, from relatives and friends to coworkers and neighbors. You can also hire trustworthy, professional sitters—something that many parents do without worry. Obviously, if you hire someone, you need to pay them. But you can reward your other nearest and dearest either with cash, small gifts, homecooked meals, or a warm “thank you, it meant a lot to me.” Never underestimate the power of genuine appreciation.

Of course, if someone is unable or unwilling to help, that’s perfectly fine as well. Many people have good intentions, but they may be busy with their own lives or they might not want to help in specific ways. It’s vital to understand that, instead of demanding that everyone conform to a very narrow perspective of what parenting life ‘should’ be like.

Meanwhile, Verywell Mind suggests that single parents fight back against burnout not just by having a strong support system, but also by taking proper care of their health. That means eating well, getting enough sleep, and leading an active lifestyle. This will help keep the anxiety at bay, especially when things are most chaotic at home.

What also helps combat the stress of being a parent is taking up meditation, spending time in nature, and having a good social life. Nobody will do all of these things for you, but done together, all of these separate parts can help lift parents out of exhaustion.

Many internet users came out in support of the stepmother and offered her some good advice

The author later shared an important update to the story

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Here’s what some readers had to say about what happened next

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