“People Kept Bumping Into Me”: A Woman Brings A 10-Month-Old To A Rave, Gets Called Out

Most public events have some unwritten rules, mostly for the benefit of everyone present. Unfortunately, there are folks out there who, through delusion or entitlement, believe that the entire universe has to bend in their direction.

A mom took her 10-month-old child to a rave and then made a post online complaining about the crowd. Jumping over the insanity of bringing a toddler to a loud, chaotic event, she instead attacked all the “rude” people there and was then surprised at the intensity of the backlash online.

Large, public events tend to have a social contract around them

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But one mother, inexplicably, took a literal toddler to a rave and then complained about it

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Later, she shared a self-righteous update


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Entitlement makes people say and do the most ridiculous things

While some people seem to not acknowledge it, loud events are generally pretty bad for your hearing. This is increasingly true when it comes to kids. In other words, and it’s ridiculous that this has to be said, do not take children to loud concerts and raves in particular. While there are hearing protection devices that can limit exposure, it’s still in no way necessary.

After all, while it might sound a bit cruel, there is no need to go to a rave if it means taking your kid with you. Get a babysitter, just wait or find some other solution. A concert is already pushing it, but a rave, due to the physicality involved, is just not the place to take a toddler. However, if the mother was truly in a bind, this could all be somewhat forgiven.

However, without a shred of self-reflection, instead of thanking all the rave-goers for their patience, she, instead, decided to make a post complaining about them and calling them toxic. For behaving like they were at a rave while literally at a rave. But, as always, with entitlement, it finds ways to transcend property lines, boundaries, and logic itself. Unfortunately, there is not a good word to describe this degree of entitlement.

Calling other people enjoying themselves “toxic” is demented behavior

Fortunately for everyone, she put her entitlement into words and then received a pizza-oven level of roasting online as everyone and their dog gathered to mock her. As can be read above, she shared a lengthy update where she doubled down on, somehow, being right, stating that everyone else at the rave was toxic and then attempting to claim the position of love and positivity. Because nothing screams positivity like calling a crowd of strangers dancing toxic for bumping into the baby you brought to a rave. At the end of the day, there is a time and a place and a rave is not it.

As so many commenters noted, being a parent means sometimes not doing the things you like. If you have a sleeping baby at home, you might have to limit your old habit of blasting music throughout the house. That’s just reality. This also applies to concerts or events, you will need to get a babysitter or coerce a relative to do it for free. After all, setting aside the considerable risks to the child, this might also ruin the experience of other attendees. Some events will even remove parents with loud kids to prevent them from making everything worse for everyone else.

Imagine waiting for months to go to a concert, paying good money, setting time aside, and then sitting next to a moronic couple whose crying child drowns out the noise. Remember, it’s not the child who is to blame, it’s the parents who truly could not be bothered to make proper arrangements. From that perspective, this woman’s story and the backlash are an important reminder for people out there who seem to believe that being a parent brings them some sort of special privilege.

The person who posted the story (not the mom) shared some thoughts in the comments

Readers continued to call out the mother online

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