Office “Food Goblin” Lands In Hospital After Petty Revenge, Thinks Someone Wants To End Her


Stealing someone else’s food from the office fridge is an act of brazen disregard of basic human decency and societal norms. It’s a crime against humanity that should be condemned and completely outlawed, if possible.

Unfortunately, it is very common. As in, extremely common. Apparently, 18% of office workers admit that they have taken and eaten someone else’s lunch from the fridge. That means that pretty much one in five office dwellers are shameless criminals that somehow manage to keep their jobs while acting completely obscene. No penalty is too harsh for such outrageous disrespect.

The author of this story agrees that a near-death experience is the right punishment for someone who habitually eats what’s not theirs. Scroll down to read the petty revenge story and judge for yourself whether the author went too far or not.

Stealing other people’s lunches from the office fridge is truly despicable behavior

Image credits: Thomas Luebke (not the actual image)

The person in this story brought out the big guns when hatching a plan to teach a food thief a lesson

Image credits: Charles Kremenak (not the actual image)

After an onslaught of questions, the author expanded on a few details

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A few more responses were added in the comments

The measures were a little out there but they did achieve the desired result

The situation did get a bit extreme. Those are some drastic measures that could result in serious, long-lasting health issues or even passing. It’s definitely no joke.

But then, the situation was already quite extreme before the uncooked lunch trap. As in, eating the food is one thing, but throwing away someone else’s reusable food container is surely sociopathic behavior, right?

Also, she had been doing it for years and everyone knew. There was no way the HR or the management could have helped (which is the preferred way for dealing with this, apparently) as they had been enabling this behavior for far too long. And as they say, desperate times call for desperate measures.

In the end, the measures did work. The co-worker has stopped stealing lunches. She’s also fearing for her life, but that is what happens when you take someone else’s food. You never know what they put in it, so if you’re taking it, you’re the one accepting the risk that comes with it.

The easiest way to achieve peace is for people to stop habitually stealing other people’s lunches

The humane solution here is easy: stop taking other people’s lunches. If you’re hungry, bring something to the office yourself. If you forgot, grab something at a store or a café nearby. If you don’t have the time for that, order in. If you don’t have the money, skip lunch altogether. The hunger you experience will remind you to bring something the next day.

But, of course, it’s useless to bank on someone else’s respect and decency. Sometimes, adding laxatives or extremely hot sauce seems like the only option. But we don’t recommend that either. If it seems like there’s no way to avoid it, maybe it’s time to invest in a lunch box with a lock. Sad, but safe.

Many agreed that something had to be done to stop the food thief

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