Mom Refuses To Leave Movie Theater Because Her Baby Is Crying, Guy Yells At Her


Having a newborn baby in a family can pose challenges. Suddenly it’s not all about you and your time has to be dedicated to the little one. It might be hard to balance fun stuff with baby responsibilities.

The lady from Redditor u/Kinkaypandaz’s story tried to do exactly that when she brought her little child to the new Spider-man movie. You’ve probably guessed that the baby wasn’t too happy about the loud environment and disrupted other moviegoers’ good times with crying. Check out the full story and how the audience reacted below.

Watching a movie at a cinema is surely fun, until some people happen to ruin it for you

Like this woman, who brought her crying baby in a movie theater and refused to leave

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The key to a good movie session for everyone is to stay silent

Most of us have been there, experiencing others’ disruptive behavior at movie theaters, whether it’s someone whispering too loudly, chewing like there’s no tomorrow or even speaking on their phones. So we’ve got to wonder, what is good etiquette in cinemas?

An etiquette expert, Jacqueline Whitmore, spoke with PEOPLE magazine and stressed the importance of keeping silent in movie theaters: “One of the biggest distractions is electronics. The light from a cell phone is really, really distracting,” she said. “So I would highly recommend that people put away their electronic devices and make sure they’re on silent mode.”

The polite thing would be to come in early, keep silent, and not make a mess: “Don’t put your feet on the seats in front of you, and arrive before the movie begins,” Whitmore said. “When the movie begins, everybody should be in their seat, situated, quiet, ready to go, and ready to enjoy the movie.”

Parents are the ones, responsible for taming their children

She added that the same rules apply to everyone, including small children. So parents should be cautious when their kids are commenting loudly, being noisy, or trashing. She understands that it’s impossible to guess if the child will be interested in the movie, but advises: “I guess if I were a parent, I would ask my other friends, ‘You’ve seen the movie, you know my child — do you think they’ll enjoy it?’ And if they say, ‘Oh yeah, they’ll enjoy it.’ Then, of course, that’s kind of like an endorsement. It’s a recommendation.” She also recommends not to give electronic devices to the kids if for some reason they’re still bored. The light and sound from it might ruin other viewers’ movie experience.

It would also be a good idea to go see movies at times more suitable for adults, like during school time or late at night when kids are asleep: “I can’t really control what other people do with their kids, but what I can do is control when I go see the movie. And etiquette is all about monitoring your own behavior and how your behavior affects others.”

It is definitely no one else’s duty to look after their kids in movie theaters rather than their parents’. And if the kids are bored, maybe they should go see another movie… Or see a movie when they get older, as would have been appropriate in the Redditor u/Kinkaypandaz’s story.

A good portion of commentators sided with the man, saying he’s not the jerk

Some others thought the man was wrong for yelling

There were also the ones who thought the man was a jerk

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