Husband Leaves Mistress After Wife Starts Acting Exactly How He Wants, Doesn’t Know It’s A Plan


One of the most hurtful things that anyone can do to their spouse is be unfaithful. Anyone who has had their partner cheat on them knows just how painful it truly is. It’s a personal decision whether someone decides to try and fix the relationship or if they decide to move on. Some people decide to get revenge.

One anonymous woman, who recently gave birth, went viral on the r/TrueOffMyChest subreddit after talking about her extremely sensitive situation at home. She revealed how she learned that her husband had cheated on her while she was postpartum. She then won him back from his mistress and now plans to get her revenge. You’ll find the full story as you read on. Bored Panda has reached out to the author via Reddit, and we’ll update the article once we hear back from her.

Finding out that your spouse has been unfaithful can be heartbreaking

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One woman opened up online about how she plans to get revenge on her husband who cheated on her


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Good communication and trust are fundamental to happy relationships

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‘Tech Report’ states that 16% of married couples admitted to being unfaithful at ‘some point’ in their marriages. Around a third of those who cheated revealed that they did so with someone from their work environment.

The majority (nearly two-thirds) of emotional affairs also start in work environments. 77% of men said that they’ve engaged in emotional affairs. Meanwhile, 91% of women did the same.

Meanwhile, ‘Regain’ points out that married people over 55 years old reported being unfaithful at a rate of 20%. On the flip side, married individuals under 55 had an infidelity rate of 14%.

Happy and healthy relationships—both romantic and otherwise—rest on a few fundamental things. Trust. Mutual respect. Empathy. Loyalty. Good communication. Transparency. Love. Kindness. Honesty. All of these are key if you want an equal partnership. However, if these things are lacking and both partners are on different pages, the relationship is in jeopardy.

Most problems arise from a lack of communication. If there are issues at home or in the relationship, it is absolutely essential to talk about them. Nobody is a mind-reader. No matter how well we know someone, we can’t tell if they have secret issues with the relationship unless they speak up.

Yes, it can be awkward and uncomfortable to have those super candid conversations. But avoiding confronting these issues will only lead to bigger problems. For example, it can lead to a buildup of frustration and resentment. Couples are meant to be a team. It’s important to remember that and prioritize honesty.

People are unfaithful due to a wide range of possible reasons

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There are no easy answers to why somebody cheats on their partner or spouse. Every couple’s situation is different and complex. However, there are some broad trends when it comes to the reasons behind cheating.

For instance, psychology professor Lucia F. O’Sullivan, Ph.D., from the University of New Brunswick, argues that one major reason why people are unfaithful to their partners is due to sexual dissatisfaction.

The individual might want more sex or variety in bed. If they don’t get this from their partner, they might look for someone who can provide them with what they want. A solution to this issue would be for the couple to sit down and open up about their intimate needs.

Another common reason for cheating is emotional dissatisfaction. The individual might feel drawn to other people in their lives when they become disillusioned with how they see their partner.

Others become unfaithful when they feel neglected, rejected, and overlooked by their spouse. Still, others cheat because they’re angry with their partners and want to find ways to hurt them for mistreating them.

But the reality is that some individuals are not just unfaithful due to some problems at home or having unfulfilled emotional or physical needs. They cheat because… they can. Some people do this simply because a romantic opportunity presents itself.

As we’ve mentioned before, it’s a very personal decision whether to try to fix the relationship or to cut ties and move on with one’s life. In these sorts of delicate situations, the help of a therapist or couples counselor can be invaluable. They can help you understand what happened and reframe the situation to restore your confidence.

The author of the viral story shared some more details in the comments of her post

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