Guy Gets Used Tampon In Bed As Payback For Not Listening To Sister’s Pleas To Not Gross Her Out

Siblings tend not to get along. It’s a well-known fact. Sometimes, it’s for petty and meaningless reasons, while other times, it can be something more serious, for instance, one of the siblings’ gross habits. Just like in today’s story, where a sister found a very, let’s say, interesting way to deal with her brother leaving his tobacco spit cans in their shared bathroom.

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Sometimes, you have to go the extra mile to eliminate someone else’s disgusting habits

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The woman’s brother kept leaving his tobacco spit can in their shared bathroom, causing it to spill on her on several occasions

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So, she decided to get revenge on him with something equally as appalling — leaving her used tampon in his sheets

The post’s author and her brother used to live together in a 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom apartment. Also, her brother had a nasty habit of chewing tobacco, spitting it into a soda can, and leaving it in the shared bathroom.

Chewing tobacco is smokeless tobacco that is placed between the cheek and lower gum to draw out its flavor. Unwanted juices are spat. It should be noted that even though tobacco isn’t smoked this way, it is still damaging to a person’s health — it can cause various cancers, teeth, and heart problems. Also, it is even more addictive than smoking. 

Quite a poor habit of the OP’s brother, but hey, who are we to tell him what to do?

And so, one day, while the OP was getting ready for her bath in the dark (kind of weird, but there are way more weird things happening in this story), she was taking off her clothes when on the toilet, and she felt something pour down her back. Apparently, it was one of the previously mentioned soda cans. Naturally, the post’s author, just as we were, was disgusted. So, she threatened her brother that if he left it like that again, he’d be sorry.

Image credits: Christopher Ott (not the actual photo) 

Yet, he didn’t take that threat seriously, and a week later, it happened again while the woman was changing her tampon. And so, she came up with a brilliant (in retrospect, kind of disgusting) revenge plan.

Her plan was to wrap her used tampon in toilet paper and hide it in her brother’s sheets, as she hoped it would be just as nasty to him as it was for her to feel his tobacco spit pouring down her spine.

And it was. This only proved that the brother should have taken his sister’s threats seriously, which he did from then on, as she never found another spit can on the back of the toilet ever again.

Netizens praised the woman for her bloody revenge and played with many period-related puns. In fact, some even called it the best revenge ever. And well, this is surely the most ingenious revenge plan we have read about in quite a long period of time (pun intended).

“He definitely got the message. Period”: People online played with many menstruation-related puns and praised the woman for her creativity

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