“Giving Criticism But Not Being Able To Take It”: 70 Bad Habits Men Can’t Stand In Women


“I don’t care what we eat for dinner, you can decide!” This dreaded sentence seems innocent at first glance, but all too often escalates into an argument between partners or leaves one pouting and deciding not to eat at all. Why is it so hard to just ask for what we want? 

Recently, men on Reddit have been pointing out bad habits they’ve noticed some women have, and being indirect is among them. Below, you’ll find a list of other behaviors that frustrate men, so whether you’re a man or a woman, enjoy reading through and be sure to upvote the habits you can’t stand either.

“Giving Criticism But Not Being Able To Take It”: 70 Bad Habits Men Can’t Stand In Women Most of the women in my life have simply never said they were sorry about anything. If they say something mean to me, and I get any type of emotion over it, they immediately get defensive and tell me I’m being too sensitive. Then flip it around on me, and I’m the bad guy.

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“Giving Criticism But Not Being Able To Take It”: 70 Bad Habits Men Can’t Stand In Women They don’t seem to credit ‘men’s work’ as labor or something worth of gratitude. Like spending my day off getting her oil changed and tires rotated, all the maintenance and repairs inside and outside the house. It seems all the old ‘women’s work’ needs to be split 50-50 now that they are working but if I spend 45 minutes shoveling the driveway there isn’t any reduced duty for dishes or laundry, despite the machines doing most the work.

I’ve gotten tired of the massive disparity in gifts too.

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“Giving Criticism But Not Being Able To Take It”: 70 Bad Habits Men Can’t Stand In Women Testing. Asking or doing something just to see what choice I make. < my fiance answered. Both of his ex girlfriends did that ALOT. He told me about it before we dated so I’ve always tried to not ever do that.

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“Giving Criticism But Not Being Able To Take It”: 70 Bad Habits Men Can’t Stand In Women Aligning the truth to their emotions. They will reject facts as the truth because it doesn’t match their feelings, which is “their truth”

Basically as their feelings change. The truth changes.

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“Giving Criticism But Not Being Able To Take It”: 70 Bad Habits Men Can’t Stand In Women Workplace bullying. Most bullies I’ve come across have been women who think they’re justified simply because they dislike someone. Social exclusion, passive aggression, reputational destruction, pettiness, and so on. One of the worst examples I’ve seen was against a young woman who was shy and had a body most women would [die] for (this is relevant). Within the first week, half of the women in the office were gossiping about how the new girl was “weird” and “rude” because she was shy and focused on her work. Then they started mocking her for “showing off her tits and a**e” which translates as she dared to have a great body and wear clothes that fit her. She was seen being friendly with a male colleague who was everybody’s friend, so that instantly meant she was a manipulative flirt. “She knows exactly what she’s doing.” She was let go at the end of her probation because too many people said she was difficult to work with and she didn’t fit in. I’m certain she would’ve been fine if she was less attractive.

D-1-S-C-0 , https://www.pexels.com/photo/man-and-woman-having-an-arguement-5711598/ Report

“Giving Criticism But Not Being Able To Take It”: 70 Bad Habits Men Can’t Stand In Women Not being able to accept the truth about how men feel.

I cannot open up to someone who, upon hearing how something honestly makes me feel, is going to scream at me or hit me for it.

Warm_Gur8832 , Alex Green Report

“Giving Criticism But Not Being Able To Take It”: 70 Bad Habits Men Can’t Stand In Women Weaponizing breakup, well maybe not all women.

But when a girl does that to me even if she doesn’t mean it, I take it very seriously. U want to give up on the relationship just like that? Fine.

Don’t use or threaten with the word breakup if you don’t mean it, for both ways. Breakup should be the last resort if anything.

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“Giving Criticism But Not Being Able To Take It”: 70 Bad Habits Men Can’t Stand In Women Siding with other women by default whenever there’s a dispute between a man and a woman. I honestly just don’t get it and I’ve stopped trying to understand why. It could be social and it could be biological for all I know. But women have this incredible tendency to just herd towards other women and become world champion contortionists with how far they bend over backwards to excuse s****y behavior in other women. * When I was 19, I had my first date set up. It was a woman in my class, a simple coffee. I got stood up completely. Waited in front of the shop like an idiot for an hour. I got home and opened up to my sister about it, who told me “Well she doesn’t owe you anything.” Like, what? We agreed to be there. When I told her as much “Well maybe she was afraid to say ‘No’ to you.” Later that week at our next class I asked if something had happened, to which she responded “I was sooo tired!” When I told my sister? “See? There’s your answer.” * A long while back there was a post on the OKCupid subreddit about a woman saying a guy, at the start of their date, simply said to her “I’m sorry but you look very different from her picture.” Women jumped in to call him an a*****e, a s**thead, and so on. He actually showed up to try and explain himself, but they then jumped down his throat. Only when he showed receipts about her admitting the picture on her profile was four years and 75 pounds ago did he *finally* get a few women begrudgingly agreeing with him that maybe she should have used a more recent picture. * When I was 24, I met my at-the-time girlfriend’s group of friends. After they grilled me on a bunch of stuff, one of them started talking about how her boyfriend dumped her because she was seeing another guy on the side. Everyone in the group jumped to her defense with “Well I don’t see a ring on your finger!” and “Didn’t he only see you like twice a month?” Like, cheating on somebody is indisputably s****y behavior, but there they sat for the next 30 minutes coming up with every excuse in the book. Like, even on advice communities like AITA, people have swapped the gender on identical stories multiple times, finding that people (especially women) are much easier on women for the same behavior. Men do it too, but women’s in-group biases have been measured to be four times stronger than men’s. Simply, women will overwhelmingly stand behind a s****y woman. It drives me nuts because once you realize it, you can see it everywhere.

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“Giving Criticism But Not Being Able To Take It”: 70 Bad Habits Men Can’t Stand In Women I don’t know if a lot of women have this habit, but I know a few cases, the weaponization of sex. Some of my buddies wives or girlfriends will use sex as a weapon in order to coerce certain behaviour.

kevfefe69 , cottonbro studio Report

“Giving Criticism But Not Being Able To Take It”: 70 Bad Habits Men Can’t Stand In Women 1. Imbalance of homework because “Mens work” still exists and “women’s work” is sexist. I do all serious DIY and repair jobs, I build things that need to be built for the home, I do dirty work like cleaning the tons of hair out the shower (99% not mine) I arrange and manage tradesmen in the home, and I still feel like I do the dishes and clean more.

2. Indecisiveness

3. Her being upset = my problem, me being upset = my problem, that in turn causes her to be upset which is then also my problem. Basically I’m not allowed to be upset or angry, it’s not valid, and I need to fix myself.

I love my partner immensely but these three things get to me, I’ve communicated all of them and we make progress. I’m certainly not perfect either! I do feel like these are partly cultural not personal problems to solve though.

Junglestumble , Anete Lusina Report

Smartphone crack addicts. I don’t date social media junkies. A woman without an ig is manageable. A woman without ig and facebook is a unicorn

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“Giving Criticism But Not Being Able To Take It”: 70 Bad Habits Men Can’t Stand In Women I found with last relationships girls say they were always in a relationship or two where they thought if they slept with the guy the guy would love them more. Don’t do that. If you think a guy will like or love you more if you sleep with him he’s not into you and only wants to sleep with you. Once he gets what he wants he’s gone. He might stay for a few more screws but he will ultimately leave. Some women also think if I just do more for him and love him more he will change. Nope again. You shouldn’t have to do that.

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“Giving Criticism But Not Being Able To Take It”: 70 Bad Habits Men Can’t Stand In Women Actively pursuing men they are not attracted to, then blaming them for it, cheating and treating them badly for not being good enough without the men having any idea why.

Having secret a boyfriend that they hide from their friends and family because they are not good enough, with the guy not having a clue.

Turbulent_Ad_4403 , cottonbro studio Report

Swiping people on dating apps then leaving them hanging when they match.

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“Giving Criticism But Not Being Able To Take It”: 70 Bad Habits Men Can’t Stand In Women Giving unsolicited advice to their husband. For example giving unsolicited tree trimming advice to your husband this past weekend while standing out on the deck (that your husband built). This is just an example of course.

CarlJustCarl , Blue Bird Report

“Giving Criticism But Not Being Able To Take It”: 70 Bad Habits Men Can’t Stand In Women Expect the man to respect her boundaries and provide her with all her needs (emotional, physical, etc.) but absolutely refuse to reciprocate. THEN overreact and turn everything around on the man when he calls her out on her s**t or asks her to meet his needs or respect his boundaries. F*****g every relationship I’ve ever had. I’m not bitter….

AgitatedDependent791 , RDNE Stock project Report

thinking they’re more attractive than they really are, having their friends affirm this false belief and then becoming delusional about it

stompywomp Report

From online mostly, forgetting that the reason they have so many bad experiences with men is because they date men. “The bar is so low for men!” etc… I’m not doubting that (seems to always be d**k pic o’clock online) but the bar is at least as low for women, even if it’s sometimes in different ways. They would know that if they dated women. Ideally both sides should be able to come together and just agree that dating can indeed be incredibly (and sometimes distressingly) s**t. Anyone who has dated/relationshipped enough has genuine horror stories.

In real life, not sure I’d say “a lot of women” but a bit of a pattern of assuming empathy based on gender. Specifically from “men can’t read signals” when often, women simply can’t give good signals. “I played with my hair like, 50 times” Sorry, dude just thought you had lice.

Not sure if it’s a generation thing or a country thing but a lot of modern discourse really does just seem like a load of bollocks.

Mr_Ham_Man80 Report

Addiction to social media, like IG.

Millions of them can’t go a single day without at least 4-5 updates on their story.

michajlo Report

Assuming they’re right about everything, allowing themselves to stay delusional about everything in order to stay right, mindlessly supporting each other in being wrong so they don’t have to feel bad about it.

RedditAdminAreMorons Report

Complaining about feeling unwell in their bodies when they are overweight and then not following through with their diet. I have had so many female friends who are constantly making up excuses to eat treats regularly, like 2-3 times a day while they want to lose weight. I’m tired, I’m on my period, I’m just gonna eat a little bit, I’m gonna train harder in the gym etc. And then they are asking me why my diet is working while they can’t see results even though they also train regularly.

Time-Adhesiveness459 Report

Buying and or collecting things just because. Things that are never used, and were never intended to be used. Just things to have and take up space in garages, spare rooms, closets, etc …

poopinion Report

Main character syndrome.

I don’t think it’s intentional but I see it so often I wonder if it’s something new or I’m just starting to notice it.

thumbwrestleme Report

Speaking negatively of men all at once. You speak truth to reality.

Slothvibes Report

In regards to seeing a really beautiful woman with an average man: They scold the man and warn him about taking care of her and treating her nice, but they don’t say the same thing to the beautiful woman. Like, I’d like to be treated nice too. What exactly have I done to be admonished like that? F**k that.

anon Report

Thinking they’re special. Sorry, you’re regular. As are most people.

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“Giving Criticism But Not Being Able To Take It”: 70 Bad Habits Men Can’t Stand In Women Women seem to be dumb as hell when it comes to understanding the men they’re in love with. He cheated on you? Oh, I’ll give him another chance and he won’t do it again. He hit you? Oh I just said something that made him angry, I’ll need to watch what I say around him next time. He’s using you for your money? Oh he’s broke and doesn’t have a job right now, I don’t mind.

If you’re a woman reading this, please get a damn grip. Just because you’re in love with him, doesn’t mean he’s your end all be all. Just because you are able to love him unconditionally, doesn’t mean he will. I’m so tired of hearing my girl friends constantly complaining about the same s**t over the same guy treating ‘em like trash and them not knowing what to do. For the love of god, use your brain.

somewhereonfullerton , MART PRODUCTION Report

Talking too much about money/desired lifestyle within the first couple of dates, even on your profile. A lot of men don’t want to be seen as an ATM with a p***s, and those that don’t mind that are more likely to see women as disposable, so it really exposes them to a potential lose/lose situation.

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Always making excuses or saying I’m not good enough , it’s always my fault is usually the typical response from most females when you confront them about anything . Women just own up to your faults and mistakes quit trying to make a production out of everything you get questioned on .

airbornethic Report

Suffered an extreme case: ex not only couldn’t take it when asked if I could comment and she said “yes” only later to still cry, get angry, and blame me for it. She also had a pattern of delivering critique my way over ideas and meaning I was not at all saying.

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Manipulation through tears Lying or omitting parts of the story Talking bad about other people behind their backs She regrets having casual sex and says she was abused

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No self awareness despite claiming they are so self aware and mindful of their actions and others feelings..

They are not one bit.

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Double standards. How something can be okay for them to do but is a deal breaker if the guy does it.

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Way too many true comments here. In my household, I am pretty much the cook and cleaner. I need a clean house, not so clean that it doesn’t look lived in or it looks like it’s staged, but my wife doesn’t clean up. And I don’t mean leaving a few dishes in the sink or a couple of towels on the floor. It’s horrible and causes more conflict than anything else.

kevfefe69 Report

Not properly disposing of their feminine products in public/other people’s bathrooms 🤮

yycluke Report

Constantly complaining about how the world is such a “dark scary lonely ugly place” like okay. What do you want me to do about it?

neermif Report

Speaking as a bi guy, women absolutely cannot handle rejection in any form. If you want to see a s****y reaction, reject a woman.

SN9292 Report

Minimizing the struggles men have because women have it worse.

domclaudio Report

Single mom syndrome. Meaning raising entitled kids with minimal consequences because they feel guilty about being a single mom…

rubrent Report

Screaming/yelling when they’re excited. Especially in combination with getting excited about even the smallest and most insignificant things. It’s so obnoxious and immature.

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