From Graves To Fast-Food Toilets, This Influencer Tidies Up Everything Without Permission


A woman has become an internet sensation as a result of her passion for hygiene. But most recently, the diligent woman went viral for her unconventional and upbeat approach to cleaning a neglected grave, sparking online controversy and scrutiny.

Known by her 1 million TikTok followers as “_the-clean_girl,” the influencer left her viewers particularly unsettled by her unusual speaking style, reminiscent of the automated voice on TikTok, which was seemingly inappropriately upbeat for a video of this nature.

The video in question, which has amassed 19.2 million views since being uploaded last month, saw the Clean Girl say: “I’m at the graveyard at night, cleaning this abandoned grave for free.”

The Clean Girl went viral for her unconventional and upbeat approach to cleaning a neglected grave

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The woman showcased herself in the clip, which she captioned, “I cleaned an abandoned grave at night,” tending to a neglected and unkempt grave with diligence while maintaining a positive attitude throughout the process.

She said: “I have so many questions in my head. What’s happened? How did this grave get so dirty?

“Who’s buried here? Her name’s Bienvenida. Wow, her name is welcome in Español.”

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The Clean Girl continued: “Right now, this is the dirtiest grave I’ve ever seen. That’s so unfair. Everyone deserves a beautiful resting place.”

She later added: “I wonder what Bienvenida’s life was like.”

The bubbly woman, dressed in a pink outfit, noted that the deceased person was an Aries before happily exclaiming, “My best friend is an Aries.”

The upbeat influencer reflected on the neglected grave’s zodiac sign

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In an unexpected and rather questionable turn, the Clean Girl asked, “Does she like chocolate cupcakes?” before filming herself taking a bite out of one that she had brought with her.

The woman’s nonchalant attitude regarding the very subject of her video prompted a lot of questions, including asking why she had brought a shovel with her to the cleaning.

“I don’t care about the shovel but to eat cupcakes so casually? did you wash your hands?” a person commented.

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Another Tiktok user asked: “Why does she talk like that?”

An additional commentator penned: “There is absolutely nothing wrong with cleaning a neglected grave but the way she talks about this woman does not sit right with me at all.”

Despite graveyards becoming an integral part of the Clean Girl’s content on social media, the woman has also cleaned other questionable places.

You can watch some of The Clean Girl’s cleaning videos below:

@_the_clean_girlCleaning A Baby’s Grave For Free 🩵♬ original sound – The Clean Girl
@_the_clean_girl I Got Caught Cleaning McDonald’s Bathroom 😳 #scrubdaddy #scrubdaddypartner ♬ original sound – The Clean Girl

Last month, the influencer filmed herself cleaning a McDonald’s restroom “for free.”

In the video, the Clean Girl exposed a less-than-pleasing toilet with ketchup (or so we hope) on the wall.

“I just want to make this toilet beautiful for everyone to enjoy,” the content creator explained as she scrubbed the public restroom to impeccable standards.

The Clean Girl’s grave cleaning video continued to fuel different reactions online


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