Dad Done With Society’s Stigma After Woman Threatens To Call The Cops On Him


It has to be said that we live in the 21st century. In a modern society.

If we can have an entire rainbow of genders, legalized same sex marriage, among many other amazing modern day societal achievements, it’s only normal to also be accepting of men in childcare roles at this point.

Unfortunately, not everyone is yet on the same page. A stay-at-home dad recently vented how they got labeled a creep for watching his kids in the park the other day. Folks need to start talking more about this.

Apparently, society hasn’t yet come to a point where people don’t side-eye stay-at-home dads in public parks

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A dad recently ran into a bit of trouble watching his kids in a park all because a mom decided he’s not actually with his kids

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Before trouble began, the dad took his daughters and simply left, avoiding both the trouble and the supposed crazy person

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A few days ago, a dad took to Reddit to share about a stigma that’s still prevalent in modern day society in terms of stay-at-home dads. Apparently, some folks can’t yet fathom the concept that a dad can be a homemaker and a loving parent who does what is traditionally considered the job of a mother.

In a nutshell, OP was with his daughters at the local park, enjoying the day. A wild mom appeared in the distance, side-eyeing the whole situation. Eventually, she approached him, assuming he’s a predator, and told him to leave. She didn’t believe he was actually a dad. He did eventually leave. But the stigma hit hard.

And this sparked a conversation in the comments. Folks were torn about whether the police should’ve been involved as it could’ve either gone well and the mom would’ve been embarrassed, or it would have gone bad, especially since OP himself noted that the police isn’t the best in the area.

Others shared their own stories of getting into similar bits of trouble, police included. Some related to the experience and pointed out the positives of being a primary caretaker dad.

You bet there are studies measuring just how well dads kick butt at parenting aaand they’re just as good as the moms

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A study from Cambridge University pitted primary caretaker dads against primary caretaker moms as well as studied dual-earner mom and dad couples to check who did a better job at parenting. And, well, there was no statistically significant difference there.

The factors considered were parenting quality, depression, anxiety, stress, feeling of social support, marital quality, conflict with the child, and the child’s own behavior (adjustment).

The study challenged the traditional assumption that women are a better fit for primary parenting. However, empirical evidence says both are great and dads should actually be encouraged to take on the role as they are equally apt for it.

And while there is no doubt that any sensible human being would’ve understood this without the need for formal research, it just shows that there are segments in modern society that still demand change in terms of accepting parenting and gender roles, among other things.

So, what are your thoughts on any of this? Share your takes and stories in the comment section!

A lot of folks discussed whether or not the police should’ve been involved and noted their support for the dad

Others shared similar stories of how stay-at-home dadhood isn’t yet as widely accepted

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