“By God, I Wanted To Be This Guy”: Man Sees Friendly Cop Putting Creepy Date in His Place

Going on dates, meeting new people or just going out with friends looks fun, right? Well, it is (most of the time), but unfortunately, it can also be dangerous. Of course, meeting somebody new doesn’t always lead to something bad, but very often, we may feel uncomfortable and be scared.

A similar situation, but luckily with a happy ending, was witnessed by one Reddit user who shared it online. After an off-duty cop noticed a woman on a date feeling uncomfortable, he came forward and helped her.

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Feeling threatened and not safe while on a date can bring great stress to every one of us

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Man shares that one day, while having dinner in a restaurant, he noticed a couple nearby on a date where the guy was being creepy

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After quite a few inappropriate comments from the guy followed a threat to the woman, and the man eavesdropping decided to do something about that


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He was halfway out of his chair when a mid-50s guy came forward saying ‘he’s got this one’, grabbed a chair, sat with the couple and pulled out his police ID

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He had a conversation with the creepy man, took his ID, ordered him to cover the bill and saved the woman from a terrible date

Recently a story shared by a Reddit user went viral after being submitted in response to the question “What has been your worst ‘nice guy’ experience?” Well, it’s important to note that in this case, ‘nice guy’ doesn’t mean indeed nice, but rather an entitled jerk.

The original poster (OP) shared that one day he was having dinner with his girlfriend and behind them a couple was having a date that was not going well, to say the least. OP noted that the guy was being creepy, making inappropriate comments that obviously made the woman uncomfortable. 

Well, after hearing that man threatening the woman that he knew where she lived, OP lost it and was getting up to do something, but felt a hand on his shoulder and saw a mid-50s, super fit guy assuring him that he would take care of it. The man walked over to the couple, grabbed a chair, pulled out his police ID and put it on the table.

I think it’s safe to say that the creepy guy didn’t feel so brave anymore – after the cop suggested that he could ask his buddies to pick him up, or the creep could hand over his ID and pay the bill, he quickly chose the second option and basically fled the restaurant. OP added that later, the cop invited the woman to join his family’s table and offered to drive her home later. “That cop is my hero,” OP finished up his story.

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Bored Panda also got in touch with Cathy Pedrayes, who is an author, television host and bilingual social media influencer, and is best known as TikTok’s ‘Mom Friend.’ She shares everyday safety and security tips with her audience and kindly agreed to share her insights and suggestions with us.

We asked Cathy to share tips that people can use when they are feeling uncomfortable and she noted that her go-to is lie. “I rely on white lies to get me out of uncomfortable situations (I even developed a series talking about exactly this, titled Situations When It’s Best to Lie).”

She noted that on a date, you can mention that a friend just had a breakup, your boss has a big project they sprung on you and more, so that if you need an out later on in the conversation, the exit strategy has already been set up. Additionally, don’t forget to use technology – location sharing, having a friend text at a certain time or even using a safety app to send a fake text.

“I also prefer to go on dates with my own transportation so I don’t have to rely on my date if I want to go out and always choose public places,” Cathy emphasized.

Now, speaking about bystanders and how they can intervene safely and effectively to support someone who appears to feel uncomfortable, she noted that it depends on the situation. “If there’s a violent act occurring, call for help and if you can safely do it, gather evidence of what’s happening.”

She added that if it’s a more subtle situation, let’s say a couple arguing, see if you can politely interrupt by asking the person to take a photo for you or with another innocent question, and when they’re further away from the aggressor, you can ask if they’re okay or if they need help.

Finally, Cathy shared – “Always trust your gut. If you’re uncomfortable, find a way out of the situation, even if you can’t pinpoint the exact reason.”

She also pointed out that in the story, the officer likely had training and felt comfortable with how to handle that situation, but as a bystander, she wouldn’t recommend making threats, demands or asking for the aggressor’s personal belongings. She would instead focus on helping the person in need.

So, guys, don’t forget to check out Cathy’s Instagram and TikTok profiles for more useful everyday tips that can help you and stay safe!

People online loved the story and applauded both men who were ready to help the woman

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