Boss Later Realizes An Employee’s Value When He Has To Hire 3 People To Do The Same Job


A horrible boss can make or break a good job. It doesn’t matter whether you love your work or your coworkers; if you’ve got a terrible manager, things can turn sour very quickly. Unfortunately, a lot of people fit that bill, and many workplaces are filled with the worst leaders.

A poster on Reddit was faced with this exact problem when his boss suddenly took offense over him taking a 10-minute break. The employee decided to take matters into his own hands and show the boss he meant business.

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A job you’re passionate about can turn into one you hate pretty soon, all because of a horrible boss

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The poster mentioned that he worked for the mutual funds division of a brokerage firm, and because he loved the job, he was always the first one to arrive and the last to leave

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One day he took just 10 minutes extra on his lunch break, for which his manager shouted at him for an hour, saying that it is “only what happens between nine and five that counts”


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Annoyed by this, the employee began arriving to work on time, taking longer breaks, and leaving on time, which cost the boss five extra hours of work a day

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Eventually, the employee left his job for an investment firm that paid even more and found out that his old boss had to hire three people just to do his work

Once you’re a part of a toxic workplace, it can be easy to fall into their patterns. Just like the Original Poster (OP) mentioned, he went above and beyond for his job role because of how much he loved his work. These blinders stopped him from seeing the problems that were right in front of him. It wasn’t until his boss made a mountain out of a molehill that he realized something needed to be done.

OP was someone who genuinely cared about his work and put in the effort to do a good job. Rather than recognizing this, his boss latched onto something completely different, which pushed a good employee over the edge. That’s why Forbes states, “Bad bosses create a negative environment that stifles creativity and innovation. And the effects of a tyrannical manager can bleed into your personal life—negatively impacting your relationships and well-being.”

As a result of the manager’s comments, the employee stopped trying as hard at work and stuck to the exact rules the manager set. This simple decision ended up costing the company a great worker. Research shows that 57% of people quit their jobs because of their managers, and 14% have left multiple jobs because of their bosses. It truly shows how a leader can make or break a team.

OP shared some more details about his work in the comments, saying: “I was with the company for six years, the last two with the division. Everything was great until I had been there for a year. Actually, the nickname that I was given is Young Turk. Just to be clear, I wasn’t a workaholic, as I did have restrictions, I never worked on weekends, nor did I take home work. I loved my job, and I also loved the accolades from the rest of the staff when they saw what I did for them.”

The problem is that people are spending 40 hours a week and 2,080 working hours a year with their coworkers and bosses. That’s a long time to spend in a state of anxiety, which can have damaging effects on one’s mental health. What’s most important is a good company culture and a great manager. “Investing in a good boss has positive effects on the productivity of the workers he or she supervises and on the retention of these workers,” says the IZA World of Labor.

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The good news is that there is always a way for managers to learn how to be better leaders for the sake of their teams. One of the simplest ways to make this happen is to stop micromanaging people. Some bosses often feel the need to know exactly what their employees are doing all the time, but this can only have adverse effects. A survey by Trinity Solutions found that 73% of workers who were micromanaged said that it affected their job performance.

Managers can also ask for feedback on their performance, leadership skills, and communication styles. This can help them identify areas for improvement in order to be a better leader for the team. Unlike the horrible boss who disregarded OP’s work hours, a good boss would take many other factors into consideration.

People can learn how to be better leaders by taking courses, classes or through observation and feedback. These are just a few of the ways to make it happen, but it doesn’t guarantee a complete change. The poster shared his own experience in the comments, saying: “One of the problems is that many of the management classes are garbage. I took one, and some of the things they were talking about are only followed by the fantasy world companies.”

If you aren’t sure whether your manager is toxic, some of the red flags to look out for include a lack of empathy, an unsupportive nature, poor decision-making, micromanaging, losing their temper often, and a lack of appreciation. The best way to address this kind of issue would be to speak to the boss directly and mention your concerns. If that’s not possible, you can document your interactions with them and report them to HR.

Your manager should be the one person who supports you through the highs and lows of your job rather than being the low part of it. The post resonated with many people, which is why it received 2.6k upvotes and many comments affirming the poster’s decision to leave his job. Many netizens shared their experiences with horrible managers. Have you ever faced a similar situation at work or had to deal with an unfair boss? Don’t hesitate to share your story in the comments.

Commenters supported the employee and encouraged him to not live for work but to work to live

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