Boss Forces Employee To Donate To Charity, She Makes Sure She Loses Her Bonus


Helping those in need is very important, whether through charitable efforts, volunteer work, or other forms of support. However, it’s essential to remain cautious, as sometimes, malicious intentions lurk behind such initiatives.

For example, consider the case of redditor u/Between_my_ears, whose workplace collected annual charitable donations, even when some employees were facing financial difficulties themselves.

Surprisingly, there was an ulterior motive behind this enforced charity, with someone else benefiting from the goodwill of these employees. You can find the complete story below.

Companies use shady tactics to look good when making donations to the public

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Just like this lady’s employers, who had secret motives when they made her donate money

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Many employees are compelled to donate against their will or without doing so voluntarily

When it comes to company-wide donation and volunteer programs, the phrase “I gave at the office” can mean “I was compelled to give at the office.”

Corporate giving and volunteer efforts are typically positive, but sometimes they can become problematic. Some managers, in their eagerness to make big contributions and receive recognition, pressure employees.

Many employees are eager to help, but some who have valid reasons for not giving may feel guilty or fear negative consequences like being judged or punished by their managers.

Companies put pressure on their employees primarily to gain recognition and bragging rights. They often showcase their donation amounts on websites or use them to secure a spot on prestigious lists in magazines and newspapers.

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Companies like organizations that streamline the donation process and make everything easier for them

Additionally, companies favor organizations like United Way because they streamline the donation process and help shield them from other fundraising solicitations. United Way simplifies contributions for employers by channeling funds to multiple charities through a single campaign. Notably, some employees dislike that a portion of their contributions goes toward covering United Way’s overhead, preferring to donate directly to charities.

United Way of America has been battling employer pressure for years, said spokesperson Philip Jones. He explained, “The greatest challenge arises when an employer is strongly motivated to perform well in the annual workplace campaign and becomes excessively enthusiastic in their approach.”

Jones gave an example: “One man was called in by his superiors multiple times, even for a weekend meeting with HR, to explain why he didn’t want to donate. Not long after, he lost his job. While he can’t prove it, he believes that his refusal to donate was a major reason for his termination.”

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