Bianca Censori Wears Micro-Mini Dress With Mom, Expert Reveals Real Reason Behind X-Rated Outfits

Kanye West‘s wife Bianca Censori, accompanied by her mother, dazzled in a revealing minidress, renewing rumors of her husband’s control over her fashion choices as her daring outfits continue to draw attention.

The 29-year-old model was photographed alongside her mom, Alexandra Censori, on Saturday (March 16) wearing a baby pink satin minidress with an extremely short bottom edge, plunging neckline, and a crystal-lined halter strap.

The architect paired the immodest outfit with sheer, knee-high socks and a pair of cream slingback kitten heels.

During their mother-daughter outing, Bianca was reportedly spotted carrying her cell phone and car keys in her hand as she exited a building and headed toward her car.

Kanye West’s wife, Bianca Censori, stunned in a revealing minidress while out with her mother, Alexandra Censori

Image credits: BACKGRID

At one point, Ye’s spouse was seen adjusting and checking out her sideboob-baring outfit in the reflection of a store window, the Daily Mail reported.

The Aussie was also reportedly seen speaking to a store employee, upon which her microdress revealed her entire backside as she leaned forward to grab the store’s door.

Bianca was later seen talking on her phone as she walked toward her car, with mom Alexandra wearing an all-black dress with an asymmetrical hemline.

Bianca and Alexandra had reportedly been spotted together the day before exiting a private jet in Los Angeles, USA, with Ye, Ty Dolla $ign, and their entourage after her husband performed at hip hop music festival Rolling Loud, as per the Daily Mail.

Image credits: BACKGRID

The recent appearance of Alexandra seemingly debunks the previous reports that Bianca’s parents had been “mortified” by her provocative outfits.

Mark Borkowski, one of the UK’s leading PR gurus, told the Daily Mail that Ye was attempting to out-shine ex-wife Kim Kardashian with the X-rated looks.

He said: “Kanye understands outrage and is trying to break the Internet. 

“I think a lot of people are starting to feel rather uncomfortable, despite everything he’s said, about that he feels he can do whatever he wants with his partner.”

Recent appearances of Bianca’s mother debunked claims of parental embarrassment over her daring attire

Image credits: kanyewest

“There is a line here drawn between those who believe this is control and those who believe that this woman is complicit and fully involved with this freak show. 

“But it is a weird freak show that everybody is engaging with and some are enjoying these quite explicit photos.

“I think we’ll be looking back at this if a rift appears between them as something that is something exploitative. 

“Some of the dresses are built for craving for publicity.”

Image credits: kanyewest

Ye previously criticized ex-Kim for dressing too sexy while sharing sexualized images of his new wife.

Mark continued: “You can only assume this is a way of Kanye keeping his name at the forefront and on everybody’s lips and also a statement to his ex-wife Kim who engaged in the same publicity, which he is taking to another level but she did with a lot more style and panache.

“It wasn’t as direct as this.

“As we reevaluate those who exploited their partners in the past, this is a high watermark.”

A PR expert suggested Kanye uses Bianca as a tactic to maintain relevance

Image credits: kanyewest

“I feel uncomfortable but you are looking at someone who can generate a conversation, Kanye knows how to do that.

“But I can’t see a strategy here.

“He has pushed himself so far away from brands with his anti-Semitic remarks and outrage that there has to be a limit where he doesn’t want one.”

The recent sighting of Bianca follows Ye’s Vultures 2 listening party in San Francisco on March 12, where both Kim and Bianca were spotted together standing behind a police barrier at the Chase Center while listening to the controversial rapper’s upcoming studio album.

Video footage showed Kim and Ye’s children, Chicago, Psalm, and Saint, enjoying their father’s music near their mother.

“She’s finally wearing clothes,” a reader declared


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