97 “Great British Memes” And Posts That Perfectly Describe The People Who Live There (New Pics)


No matter what part of the world you travel to, humor is an integral part of everyone’s lives. The memes that people create and enjoy can tell you a lot about what the local culture and day-to-day existence are really like. And that’s no different in the United Kingdom.

The well-known ‘Great British Memes’ social media project, founded by the GBM Group, shares some of the best memes you’ll ever find on the internet about what it quintessentially means to be a Brit. Scroll down for our collection of some of their best new memes that are as British as the king, and be sure to upvote your favorite ones. And don’t forget to follow the GBM socials for their freshest memes.

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‘Great British Memes’ is a well-established internet project that focuses on relatable memes and funny posts.

It’s quite likely that you’ve seen a few of their memes while scrolling on your fave social media networks. On Instagram alone, the project has amassed a following of 2.2 million eager fans since 2017. 

Meanwhile, ‘Great British Memes’ has a further 980k followers on Facebook, as well as 17.3k fans on X (formerly known as Twitter, thanks, Elon).

It’s clear that the founder of the project has a deep appreciation for memes, humor, and Britishness as a whole. Combine all of them with lots of relatability and what you get is a solid community that loves a bit of banter and spans the internet. Of course, all of that success is bound to bring at least a few (dozen) copycats, too.

There are a lot of stereotypes floating around about what it’s like being a Brit. And though many of them are overly exaggerated renditions of life in the British Isles, there are some kernels of truth here and there. For one, the Brits really do love their tea! According to the UK Tea & Infusions Association, approximately 100 million cups are drunk every single day in the United Kingdom.

All of this amounts to nearly 36 billion cups of tea drunk per year in the UK. It’s mind-boggling! And the absolute majority—97.5%—of British tea is consumed from a tea bag. Meanwhile, coffee is also popular among Brits, but it still falls short of the widespread consumption of tea. Around 70 million cups of coffee are drunk by Brits. 

It’s not just a fascination with endless cups of tea that makes for truly British life. ‘Country Living’ points out that Brits are huge fans of dunking their biscuits in tea and simply love eating chips (aka fries) with weird toppings, from curry sauce (yum!) and cheese to gravy (delicious!). Anyone who’s tried curry or gravy on their chips knows that it’s hard to go back to plain potatoes afterward.

There is a culture of fried and heavy foods in the UK, too. People love having fried eggs, sausages, tomatoes, mushrooms, and hash browns for breakfast. And if you didn’t get slightly hungry by the end of that sentence, we don’t know what to tell you. What’s more, some Brits enjoy eating specific meals based on the day of the week. Sunday roasts and fish and chips on Friday are two popular choices.

Some other quintessentially British things include the love of queues, avoiding sitting next to other people on public transport, and apologizing for practically everything and anything.

As ‘Country Living’ also notes, the British are said to often pretend to like people that they actually don’t. It’s this stereotypical non-stop politeness that has made some people wonder whether Brits really mean it when they apologize or if, for many of them, it’s simply a cultural habit. 

As British writer and comedian Ariane Sherine told Bored Panda during a previous interview, life in the UK has its fair share of upsides and downsides

“Let’s start with the good things first: we have the NHS, a healthcare system which is free at the point of use. It’s not perfect, but it needs to be cherished and protected. So medical procedures are free, except for dentistry, which is subsidized, as are prescriptions,” she said.

“Then we have strict gun laws which mean almost nobody has a gun and there’s virtually no gun crime. We have seasonal weather which means you never really know what you’re going to get. But it’s nice to have changing seasons, with occasional snow in winter. I guess climate change is going to alter that though,” the talented comedy writer said.

However, the UK is far from perfect! “It rains a lot and is quite gloomy weather-wise for much of the time. People are quite negative, sarcastic, and bitter though I don’t mind that so much,” Sherine told Bored Panda.

For some more awesome Great British Memes, be sure to follow their socials and check out Bored Panda’s previous feature about them.

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