55 Posts From People Suffering From Main Character Syndrome

People like to stand out from the crowd. Be unique and act differently. And it’s well and fine when you’re a teenager still building your personality and finding what you like and don’t like. But this struggle to not be like others to get attention gets stale really quickly when you’re an adult. You realize that the ‘not like other people’ phase is just that – a phase, and it seems pretty cringy in real life.

The I’m The Main Character community gives a pretty healthy dose of shaming to those guilty of constantly wanting to be the center of attention. It’s a subreddit with over 1.3 million members who like to roast self-absorbed people. I mean, if they were foolish enough to post their main character syndrome behavior, they need to be able to take the ridicule, right?


Imagine Being So Entitled That You Make Everyone Drive 20mph Because That’s What You Want

King_Spaghetti4 Report


This Girl At The Airport Waits Until The Queue Moves All The Way Forward To Move. People Confronted Her And She Said “It’s The Same If I Move Now Or Later”

rip-21 Report


Yes You Went To The Store In A Dress And Everyone Stopped Their Shopping To Stare At You. Right

hauntedmaze Report


The Bride Who’s Wedding Cake Was A Life Size Version Of Herself Is Pretty Mc Behaviour

mitcheg3k Report


In A Post About Airport Health Hacks While Traveling With A Baby

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The Bus Is Full And Multiple People Asked Her To Make Room And She Refused Because She Doesn’t Feel Safe Sitting Next To Other People

CantHaveShiOnReddit Report


Jerk Tourists In Rosslyn Near Dc. Emergency Stopped Very Long Escalator With People On It During Rush Hour To Take Group Photo, Then Moved To Working Escalator. Needed Transit Worker To Explain Why That Was Wrong

Senator_Ruth_Martin Report


Shirtless, Childless Man Grunts And Exercises At A Playground In The Middle Of A Group Of Girls Eating Right After School

SuspiciousNetwork_06 Report


Main Character Doesn’t Like When People Respond With A Story That Doesn’t Fit Their Narrative

WalkingRamenTaco Report


Thinks The World Stops For Him Because He Spent Too Much On His Truck

TheTyGuy1127 Report


Posted Some Pics Of My Fiancé And Dogs, This Karen Who I Hadn’t Talked To In Over A Year Just Had To Make It About Her. And No I Did Not See Her Post

trucknorris2000 Report


Her Daughter Is Calling Out To Her Bc Practice Has Been Over For 20 Minutes

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