43 People Online Predict What Will Seem “Not Normal” In 25 Years


Researcher Roy Amara was an American futurist who famously coined the following adage, which eventually became Amara’s Law: “We tend to overestimate the effect of a technology in the short run and underestimate the effect in the long run.”

Expanding on the notion, Reddit user Every_Cartoonist3965 made a post on the platform, asking everyone, “What is normal now but won’t be in 25 years?” and people immediately started sending in their answers.

Continue scrolling to check out the most popular ones and set a reminder to come back here after a quarter of a century — we’ll know if there are any Nostradamus successors among us.

43 People Online Predict What Will Seem "Not Normal" In 25 Years I hope that loot boxes in video games will become obsolete after several countries change the laws so that a customer should always be able to know what they are buying. So microtransactions would still be a thing but no more buying random items without knowing what you will get.

I also wish that getting punished by police because you used cannabis will become rare in 25 years. I live in Finland and here using cannabis without doctor’s prescription can ruin your life in many ways.

BestFoxEver , Kindel Media / pexels Report

43 People Online Predict What Will Seem "Not Normal" In 25 Years We’re slowly seeing paperwork die out in hospitals as nurses. I often think about down the line when employees will think it’s crazy I worked when they still used paper. Everything is online now.

rawr_Im_a_duck , Anna Tarazevich / pexels Report

Hopefully, animal abuse and neglect. I feel like we’re moving really slow, but every once in a while there’s a big change for the better.

CJgreencheetah Report

43 People Online Predict What Will Seem "Not Normal" In 25 Years Driving a car.

Our kids (or grandkids) will look at us like dinosaurs, as we describe to them how we used to be able to operate automobiles on our own.

Edit: for any one who believes self driving cars won’t be available in 25yrs. Below is an article from McKinsey stating Level 5 (fully autonomous) vehicles are estimated to be conmercially available and viable for taxis and trucking by 2030.


*for those that don’t like reading it’s under the section labeled “The timeline for autonomous-vehicle development is extending”

Work_Werk_Wurk , Lisa Fotios / pexels Report

Probably a lot of the insects and wildlife around you, basically anything that doesn’t thrive by eating trash the way raccoons and crows do.

Even if not every species goes extinct, we may soon live in a world where few have ever actually seen a butterfly, dragonfly, ladybug, toad, firefly, etc. simply existing outside. Just like how many of us today have never actually looked up and seen a sky full of stars and the Milky Way, thanks to light pollution.

Charitard123 Report

Animal agriculture. At least the most intensive form of animal agriculture will be frowned upon in the near future

ForeignResult Report

The nuclear family. It’s already in decline, and now the majority of people don’t live in this family arrangement. Extended families, lots of roommates, or living solo. But the nuclear family is ending.

rayhartsfield Report

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