37 Facts People Have No Idea What To Do With, As Shared On This Online Forum


We learn many different things throughout our lives. But while some of this knowledge might serve a very real purpose in our lives, there are those pieces of information that we know just because we do, and we have no idea what to do with it.

But despite being useless in the practical sense, some of these facts can actually be quite thought-provoking, interesting to ponder, and fun to share with others. That’s why, when one Redditor asked people online about the most useless pieces of information that they know, then answers came pouring in. Scroll down to read what they said!

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37 Facts People Have No Idea What To Do With, As Shared On This Online Forum Otters hold paws while sleeping so they don’t drift away, and can form some pretty impressive structures called “rafts” when they’re in a large group.

MerryMelody-Symphony , Volker Kaes Report

We loved reading through all the answers that the question of this thread brought out, and so we wanted to learn what the original inspiration that ignited this discussion was. To do that, Bored Panda reached out to LoneVentriloquistSFW, who loved our interest and was glad to answer our questions. 

The OP shared that he decided to ask this question minutes after learning that E is the most used letter in the alphabet, which he also shared in the comments of his thread. “It just sparked my interest in knowing a ton of useless information from people,” said the author, adding that he didn’t find any other use for it yet.

The success of his post caught the OP by surprise. “To be honest, I didn’t expect my post to blow up like that,” said the poster, talking about how this was probably the highest interaction he has ever gotten from Reddit. “It felt awesome. It felt like I was a celebrity for a moment *lol*.”

37 Facts People Have No Idea What To Do With, As Shared On This Online Forum Sometimes pandas are too lazy to have [intercourse]. And in order to reproduce them, there is a special person who infuses the female with ejaculate.

Sea0wl , Diana Silaraja Report

There is a certain type of knowledge that we define as useless. But when you stop and think about it, no kind of information is ever truly and completely without any use, is it?

While you may not be able to practically apply some of the knowledge you come in contact with, and if you’re forced to learn it anyway, it might feel like a waste of precious time, as Brian Tomasik wrote in his blog, there are many other ways in which it can be valuable.

And we don’t look as deep to find that value. Learning in itself is a fun thing that can bring a lot of enjoyment. For example, you can learn by reading books or watching films, and while the stuff you come across there will rarely find practical application in your life, few would argue that it’s not entertaining. Plus, any kind of learning can come with some unexpected discoveries, as it can often be difficult to predict just what kind of information you’re lacking or what thing you don’t know you might like.

37 Facts People Have No Idea What To Do With, As Shared On This Online Forum If the Sun was the size of a white blood cell swimming through your veins, the Milky Way would be the size of the continental United States. (Really puts into perspective just how small we are.).

manafahayp , Arnie Chou Report

37 Facts People Have No Idea What To Do With, As Shared On This Online Forum As a child of the 80’s (born 1983), I still remember my mother and my grandmother’s landline phone number.
My mom moved at least twice since then and don’t even use a landline anymore.
My grandmother died like 10 years ago.

GussDeBlod , Annie Spratt Report

At the same time, learning new things plays a big role in shaping your worldview. Our brains change with every experience. While we might forget a lot of the stuff that we learn, we retain the wisdom we gain from it. Moreover, it also improves our intuition and pattern-recognition abilities, as well as our general understanding of how the world functions.

Acquiring new information and skills also works as an intellectual exercise that can be compared to a professional athlete going to the gym. Even if the stuff you’re learning doesn’t seem to matter at the moment, it can help you get into a habit of learning and prepare you for when you need to learn something actually important.

Vomiting can ease the migraine but dehydration and muscle flex caused by vomiting can cause the migraine….

Capable-Island8499 Report

Johnny Briones of Medium further expands on this subject, writing about how memory techniques that can help to recall and retain information are best learned using so-called useless information.

Memory techniques sound and are quite wonderful. However, the problem is that people sometimes don’t realize that these, too, have to be learned first and you can’t just jump right in, learning everything that you want with ease. 

37 Facts People Have No Idea What To Do With, As Shared On This Online Forum The back of tigers ears have a white spot to resemble eyes so they scare off things that look at them from behind, sort of like a peacock.

YesImKian , Mika Brandt Report

Running into problems at first is expected, and when you do, you’ll likely spend more time looking for solutions than actually learning what you set out to learn. This can be frustrating and make it seem like the techniques you’re using are not working.

However, if you first practice these methods using useless information, you won’t feel the pressure if you can’t remember something that doesn’t really matter to you. Thus, you will be able to easily identify problems you run into and find ways to solve them.

When a body was placed in a coffin after being guillotined, they didn’t always put the head above the shoulders. Sometimes it would be between the legs, face first into the crotch.

fdtc_skolar Report

In conclusion, we can confidently say that while not all information is equally important, no information is ever truly useless, even if it may seem that way at first glance. So read up because you never know when some random fact you encounter in Reddit threads like these might prove to be a lot more valuable than you thought.

What did you think of these facts? Do you have anything you’d like to add? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

37 Facts People Have No Idea What To Do With, As Shared On This Online Forum Some people have voluntary control of their Tensor Tympani muscle in their inner ear. They can make a rumbling noise in their ears at will by tensing it.

Hand when there is loud noise around to kinda reduce it as you walk past.

BloodSteyn , Franco Antonio Giovanella Report

37 Facts People Have No Idea What To Do With, As Shared On This Online Forum Where do I start?

Nepal is the only country in the world whose flag isn’t a rectangle

Raptors will sometimes take tortoises to the top of a cliff and drop them from midair, breaking their shell

Earth was uninhabitable for the first few hundred million years of its existence, but life emerged more or less immediately once Earth became inhabitable

You may have heard that the speed of light is 299,792,458 m/s (no matter how fast you’re going), but that’s actually precisely how much it is, we define a meter to be such that the speed of light is that number, no decimal point

Cleopatra lived between 69-30 BCE and the pyramids were built around 2780 BCE, meaning she lived closer to today than to the building of the pyramids.

The_Ora_Charmander , Arun Ghimire Report

37 Facts People Have No Idea What To Do With, As Shared On This Online Forum You can calculate the circumference of the universe with a margin of error less than the diameter of an atom if you have 60 digits of pi. Thus, any further digits are completely useless. You’re welcome to all of you that memorized 100+ digits back in school.
Editor’s note: 38 digits of pi is sufficient.

jinoble , Pixabay Report

In 16th century Italy duels often took place where the chosen weapon was very hard maths questions.

Panorpa Report

37 Facts People Have No Idea What To Do With, As Shared On This Online Forum I’m an expert with binary. Also- Honey is the only natural food that is made without destroying any kind of life. What about milk you say? A cow has to eat grass to produce milk and grass is living.

Appropriate-Meet1379 , Pixabay Report

I memorized this as a song and I’ve never forgotten it since

Exa Peta Tera Giga Mega Kilo Hecto Deka Deci Centi Milli Micro Nano Pico Femto Atto

I don’t really use it in daily life or anywhere else but you never know.

darcydidwhat Report

37 Facts People Have No Idea What To Do With, As Shared On This Online Forum When Wizards of the Coast tried to expand Magic the Gathering to appeal to the Chinese market they released a set of cards based on Chinese mythology and introduced a new mechanic called horsemanship. It is functionally similar to flying, in that flying creatures are blockable only by other creatures with flying (or if they have reach), except that creatures with horsemanship can *only* be blocked by other creatures with horsemanship.
The cards never really took off and the horsemanship mechanic was buried, so the horsemanship skill was limited to this one set of cards which are quite uncommon these days.
What this means is that if you build a deck specifically around abusing the horsemanship mechanic, 99% of opponents won’t really be able to do anything about your barrage of attacks. Of course there are plenty of ways around this like removing the creatures directly or boardwipes that remove all creatures, and there are a handful of new cards that reintroduced it, but there’s a good chance you’ll get quite a lot of damage in before they can get their strategies to fire off.

kermi42 , mistystep Report

Germany used Messerschmitt Bf 109 attack planes during World War Two. They were very fast. Uk on the other hand used supermarine spitfires which weren’t as fast, but could turn more sharp. They were used to attack each other.

I also know a lot about the Mitsubishi A6M Zero planes that Japan used. They were very light because they missed a lot of protecting shields, but because of that they were very fast. They were also the first attack planes where you didn’t use gas masks. Instead you sat in a pressure chamber.

The planes that dropped the nuclear bomb over Hiroshima and Nagasaki were B-29 Superfortress and were called Enola Gay and Bockscar.

ConstantChemical1213 Report

A Chow Chow’s tongue must be dark blue/dark purple (as close as possible to black) for the dog to be up to breed standard. A Chow Chow with any red or pink on its tongue cannot win a best in breed, group, or show competition. .

Great1948 Report

37 Facts People Have No Idea What To Do With, As Shared On This Online Forum I learned abour elephants although it’s not useless in a sense could save somebody. It about how to determine if elephant charge is real or fake. If it’s ears are fanned wide and are upward it’s a fake charge. If its ear are tucked behind its a real charge. Whatever the case just get out of there.

Latter_Exam4121 , Nam Anh Report

37 Facts People Have No Idea What To Do With, As Shared On This Online Forum When we first switched from old, cheap coffins to new, sealed coffins they kept blowing up. It was later discovered that a decomposing body releases gases, ~~and the problem was fixed by installing valves in the coffins~~.

So it turns out that the sealed coffin is just a scam that some people can fall into, not an improved coffin. Also the valve thing is BS, I misunderstood.

randomname_99223 , Pavel Danilyuk Report

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