20 Pics Of Celebs And Their Children At Approximately The Same Age That Made People Look Twice


We all know that kids take after their parents—that’s no shocker, it’s basic genetics. What is surprising, however, is just how closely some children take after one of their folks. So much so that you could easily mistake them for twins at a glance.

Our team here at Bored Panda has curated a list of comparison photos, showing what high-profile celebrities and their children looked like at approximately the same age. The similarities between them go so deep, they might just make you do a double-take. Check out the pics below and see for yourselves, dear Pandas!

Bored Panda reached out to Mike Sington, an entertainment, pop culture, and lifestyle expert from Los Angeles, to hear his thoughts on the types of challenges that the children of celebrities might face, and how they can be protected from unwanted attention. You’ll find our full interview with Hollywood’s Ultimate Insider below, so be sure to read on.

According to celebrity expert Mike, from LA, the kids of high-profile celebrities face a huge number of challenges that can lead to mental health issues such as anxiety and depression. However, he also noted that not all celebrity children experience these challenges the same way. “Many have supportive families and resources that can help mitigate some of these issues,” he noted.

“They may have limited privacy due to constant media attention, making it difficult to lead a normal life,” he told Bored Panda.

“Every aspect of their lives may be scrutinized, from appearance to personal relationships, which can be emotionally taxing.” On top of that, there’s always the fear that the people you befriend might have ulterior motives or try to exploit you.

On top of that, there can be “immense pressure” for the children to live up to their parents’ success and to follow in their footsteps, even if it’s not their passion. This can lead to unrealistic expectations, as well as performance anxiety. According to Mike, it can also be challenging for the kids to find their own identity, seeing as they may be overshadowed by their parents’ fame.

Meanwhile, these kids may end up being cyberbullied or harassed online because of the large public presence that they have. Not to mention that their own parents may be too busy to spend quality time with their children, meaning there can be little emotional support from them when it’s needed the most.

Entertainment and pop culture expert Mike also shared his thoughts on the steps that stars can take to protect their children from unwanted attention from fans and the media. He pointed out that even though complete privacy might not always be possible, unwanted attention can be minimized. 

“Keep personal and family matters as private as possible. Avoid sharing too much about your children on social media or in interviews,” he urged. “Clearly communicate boundaries with the media, and request that they respect your family’s privacy, especially when it comes to your children.”

Something else to consider is employing security personnel to manage interactions with fans and the media, both in public and at home. It also helps if high-profile celebrities are very selective about when and where they appear in public with their children. “Avoid sharing their daily routines and whereabouts,” Hollywood’s Ultimate Insider told Bored Panda.

On top of that, the expert said that it’s vital to educate the kids about the challenges of fame and media attention, for the sake of their privacy and safety. “Consider media training for your children as they get older, so they can handle public interactions more confidently.”

In extreme situations, you may need to explore legal options like restraining orders or harassment charges in order to protect your family. Additionally, stars should consider consulting publicists, lawyers, and security experts for their advice.

From your own lives, you probably know people who look almost identical to one of their parents but not the other. Similarly, you likely also know people who seem like they have more or less of an equal mix of both of their folks’ features as well. The same goes for celebrities—some of their kids could easily pass as them, and the photos in this list are proof of this. 

When it comes to genetics, it’s incredibly difficult to guess what a child’s hair will look like and how big they’ll be. “If we examined all a fetus’ DNA, we still wouldn’t be able to truly anticipate things. So much is unknown about genes,” Barry Starr, Ph.D., a geneticist in residence at The Tech Museum, in San Jose, California, told ‘Parents.’

Children share half of their DNA with each of their parents and they might look very similar to their siblings or nothing at all like them. It all depends on what kinds of genes they inherited, which ones are dominant and recessive, and what ‘instructions’ they carried in terms of physical features.

As ‘Parents’ points out, a child’s bone structure won’t be set until their 20s because there are so many different genes involved in this. 

How a kid develops will also depend on the environment that surrounds them. For instance, their health and development will suffer if they don’t have access to proper food and shelter. Similarly, if they’re emotionally neglected or under constant stress, this can also impact them in very negative ways.

It’s not just genetics that make people look similar, though. Dressing up like your parents will automatically make people think that you’re more alike than you might actually be. Haircuts, makeup, and accessories can also heighten or lessen this effect.

Even someone with similar facial features can look like a very distant relative if they go for unique clothes and a radically different hairstyle than their celeb moms and dads.

A person’s body language, posture, way of moving, tone of voice, and manner of speaking are also very important here. Children naturally copy what their parents and other authority figures do. So they instinctively take after the people they spend the most time around.

If one parent was more involved in their child’s life than the other, the kid might pick up their mannerisms more easily than the other’s. This can seriously make friends and fans of celebrities do a double-take when they see teens and young adults behaving and moving exactly like their celebrity parents. 

Being related to a star isn’t all sunshine, rainbows, great education, and mega-sized yachts, however. There’s a lot of pressure that comes with being so close to a person who’s perpetually in the spotlight.

For one, some fans may want to hear all about how their beloved stars’ kids are doing. Some paparazzi and media outlets are more than willing to cater to this desire to know everything, so they butt into the celebs’ private lives and can even end up harassing their family members. Obviously, this shouldn’t happen.

Another potential issue is that there might be hidden expectations that you may have to meet or even exceed your parents’ fame. It’s absolutely essential that parents don’t force their kids to live up to their sky-high expectations and to pursue all of the same things that they enjoy.

There’s a fine balance between showing your kids what you love doing and giving them the opportunity to try different activities, and forcing them down a narrow, stressful career path.

Yes, some kids will naturally want to model, sing, or dance like their folks, but others may develop entirely different passions. And their parents’ love and support is invaluable.

Which of these celebrity parent-child photo collages impressed you the most, Pandas? Which pairs did you genuinely think could have been twins? Are there any other celebrity kids who you think take perfectly after their parents? Scroll down to the comment section and share your thoughts.

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